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Bending Brakes?

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Brakes are 82mm, my Wateas' are 84mm , should I just bend the brakes or look for a set of 90mm brakes?  Anyone have any experience with the same issue?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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appreciate the simple advice prickly

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Assuming you don't break them, and at 2mm that seems unlikely, the biggest risk is they don't click together well for carrying.
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At a nominal 2mm, it's unlikely that any bending will even be necessary.
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Originally Posted by TheDad View Post

At a nominal 2mm, it's unlikely that any bending will even be necessary.

Or even possible. Geez, at 2mm, guess you just, like, read a book or something.
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I would get new skis and new bindings. That set up you have now is doomed - doomed I tells ya!
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 Yes, doomed!  Start over with all new equipment!

It really depends on the binding brand -- some undersize their brakes, some oversize, and some do both depending on the model!  Don't compare raw numbers and expect them to obey a ruler.

In most cases, the brake size means it will fit on that width ski plus about 4mm.  But what really counts is the width of the ski where the binding heel piece sits, not the waist of the ski (which can be considerably narrower, especially if you have big boots).

Best bet is to place the bindings on the ski and see how they fit, then decide what to do.  Might not need to do anything.

Heck, I had to bend some brakes *narrower* over the summer.  That was interesting...
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No offense to the OP, but we're really scraping the bottom of the snowless barrel, swapping brake-bending stories.

Here's mine: it worked, but the skis never really clicked together all that well for carrying thereafter. Otherwise, no downside to report.
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