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help on some skis

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hey guys, i am about to buy some new skis for the season, probably 2009 skis on sale and i wanted some help. i am about 230 pounds 6 3, expert skier, ride very agressive and very fast. love all types of skiing, trees, moguls, dh, bowls, etc. i have been looking at some volkl mantra, stokli dp pros, dynastar pro riders. those have been my top choices so far, also the skis are all in the 190s length

please could you guys tell me your opinion of what i should get and suggest a different ski that is not on my list
thank you
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A quiver. At least 3. 
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what does your post mean
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I have seen quite a few longer length skis (that I can not scoop up) a few model years old (in wrapper) at rediculous prices, Stockli XLs and SS's and Frys for example. If you ski that well, we will not let you think one ski model will do it; though I like the skis you short listed as a start.
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