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Intuition problem, or boot problem?

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A bit of background - Bought Fischer Heatfire 115's January of 2008, skiied them for 20 days that season.  January 2009, skiied 3 days, then 4 days in Jackson Hole.  In JH, I got tired of constantly fiddling with buckles, and opted to buy the intuition liners.  They were molded without footbeds in place.

After skiing the intuitions for 30 days, it feels as if the section of the liner below the arch of the foot has started to compress, rocking my foot back into a pronated stance, adding a lot of pressure to the inside of my ankle, and sixth toe area.  It was temporary relieved by propping the footbed up with whatever i had on hand to make it through the remainder of my trip.

I just wonder, is this an issue with the footbed? (custom molded, posted by California Ski Company in Berkley.)  Is it the fact that the liner was molded without the footbeds in place (and I should just have them remolded?)  Or is there another issue I shoud address?

I realize it's hard to answer boot questions over the net, but I just want to have some educated questions for when I head up to the  bootfitters.

Gotta get my boots in working order for ESA!

Thanks in advance,
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Were the Intuition Liners remolded after the footbed was placed into the liner?  I suggest here that you really need footbeds in intuition liners.  How did you determine you needed footbeds/inserts in the first place?

My guess is that the footbed may have been a good job in the shop, but was inserted into the liner incorrectly and resulted in a different angle or stance in the boot.  You can get two and a half heat fits from Intuitions.  Mold them again with the footbed in correct position.
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Hey, thanks for the quick reply.  When I was first shopping for my boots, the fitter up here in Berkley determine that  custom insoles would benefit my pronation immediately.  The fitter in JH molded the liners to my feet without the footbeds, then inserted them after the molding, which is why i assumed maybe the foam under the arch was just compressing.

I'll head up there and have the liners remolded and hope that solves the problem, thanks again.
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 Too bad you didn't get Stephan (Skiing in Jackson) to mold those for you while you were here.  He did mine and they ROCK!  You must have gone to Jack Dennis.
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Stephen hits nail on the head with what he wrote, and the link provides very helpful information that explains how all this footbed replacement liner stuff works.

It is strange that the Intuition folks think that a footbed is optional...but hey, to each there own. They have a great product and I have sold and molded many of them throughout the years with mostly great success.  Personally I have never ran into a situation where I would mold the liner first and then put the footbed in after the fact.

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