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Binding & Ski Question

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Looking to upgrade ski from a basic beginner pair. Looking at Volkl AC30. Seems to be a good fit for me. Seeing several fair prices on the narrow version 09 AC30. Bindings differ from Motion IPT 11 and 12. What is the difference? Been skiing on Ross Zenith z3 170s. I am 6ft, 200pds. Do ski in control but would like to step it up. From what I am reading I have been skiing a very short ski for my size.  Would 177s be ok and still have control? Thanks.
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O boy, yes with your build, 177 is better for learning, 184 is best once you know what your doing.
Good thread here discussing skis you would like: http://www.epicski.com/forum/thread/86290/best-all-mountain-west-coast-ski-k2-outlaw-volkl-ac3
Search is your friend.
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Thanks liv2ski. I can ski about all conditions other than backcountry. Self taught so I muscle it thru tuff areas. Not best tech but I enjoy it. Thought it was time to get a better ski. The AC 30 seems to be a good fit. Did try one awhile back. Never tried any others and to be honest, I want to start this year out not testing and wasting a precious trip. Do not know much about bindings. What is the difference between the 11 and 12 on the Volkl's? I live in the South and everyone plays on the water here so I must rely on places like this for snow ski info.
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