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Booked Steamboat. :)

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I'm excited!  My daughter has been skiing since she was 2 and has skied there numerous times.  My son has never skied there.  He took a lesson once but refused to go after that.  He took quite a long time to get "into" the skiing thing.  Last year after we got back and skied locally he really learned to ski and had fun doing it.  I cannot WAIT to see him out there this year having a ball with all the cousins.  Together there will be 5 of them ranging from 4-8.    We're going for 8 days this year. 
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I hope you took advantage of this program.    http://www.steamboat.com/plan-vacation/tickets-passes/details/kids-ski-free.aspx   Sounds like all the kids are skiing for free and can get free rental gear.  
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We weren't able to only becuase we bought the Rocky MOuntain Super Pass for all of us this winter but HAVE taken advantage of it in the past.  :)  If you book early kids fly free/stay free/ski free.  Can't get it much better than that. 
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oh soo sweet, very very cool.  when ya out?  I've been hitting the boat for 8 yrs now (blame my wife) and our 2 older older girls love it, my youngest is a bit wishy washy .. but at 4 yrs old she grew to miss out home and dogs.

Be sure to take a laptop so that if they do any school, or if you rent the GPS tags, you can track the days events.  My 10 yr old had it for ski school, it was very cool to check out her tracks and paths, speed and time of day .....

if family needs a neat escape, my kids love the Steamboat Springs Athletic club, the hot tubs and water-slide are just a great escape and will let the kids effectively pass out once back at your digs!  lets the big kids enjoy the evening!

: )

ps, daysailer, can't help but think of you with Winterpark, thanks for the discount tickets, I have the superpass this yr and will hit the park at least once, and hopefully thrice!

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Thanks Pete.  :)  This is our fourth or fifth trip.  We love everything about it.  The GPS thing sounds AWESOME!  That would be so cool!  We did the SSAC last year and found ourselves sitting in the pools at -4 degrees.  WTH were we thinking?  Awesome while you were IN it, painful to get in and out of it.  LMAO  This year I think the kids will be big enough for the slides so we're going to try that.  Actually have a couple of days were (gasp) we might not ski. 
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