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New turn or what?

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Last night I was reading the latest Skiing magazine - what else is there to do in Milwaukee on a Thursday night? - and it had an article by Eric and Rob Deslauriers about a new, more carved pedal turn on the steeps. It had some progressions that seemed like they would make good skiing sense. I wonder if any of you techies are familiar with the turn and how new it is. The authors did say that you can see really advanced skiers using it, so new may refer to someone describing it and not the technique itself.
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Hi Rob,
I read it too. I'm not sure yet. I can't picture the feel of that turn. I'll try it if I can find some steep stuff next week and let you know. It makes sense I just for some reason can't get the feel in my head. I'll have to read it again.
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I re-read that article. I don't think it's new at all. Rob and Eric are just breaking down a turn to easier mechanics for us mere mortals. I think I got pressed into these turns by sheer necessity while learning steeps. The pedaling is almost like marching carves and moving them to steeps. I'll try the exercises when I get a chance and see if I can give you some more feedback the next time I go up...
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Tried some of the exercises while up there this week and now I can't find my magazine to compare my feelings to the thoughts in the article.
Anyway I think the turns are pretty regular, the pedal turns help you stay on the sweet spot and get those skis around to the fall line faster and back on the snow unlike a hop turn where you actually bring the ski around the fall line and to the opposite direction in the air.
It's like half way between a hop turn and full carved turn on real steep. Less daunting than commiting your body over the hill and trusting your skis to turn and a good powerful move to start to get the feel of the ski carving down steep stuff.

If it's not too chopped up and medium soft on that steep stuff, I like the feel of the reaching short turns.
and that's just my opinion.<FONT size="1">

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