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general terminology ??

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what are things like camber, sidecut, rocker, etc. and how do they affect the way the ski handles?  Apologize for being so general, pretty limited knowledge.  
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In most general terms, "rocker" and "camber" are opposites.  Easy way to remember is to think of the bottom of a rocking chair.  That's a "rocker." 

"Sidecut" is the difference in dimension between the width of the tip and the waist.  The bigger the difference, the greater the "sidecut."

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When you set a ski down on a flat surface the center of a cambered ski will be off of the surface. A rocker will have portions lifted in section . Like the tip or tail.
A rocker ski will use this lifted portion to enable tip rise while making it possible to build a stiffer tipped ski and still get good powder performance and allow for different turn shapes using many techniques including  pivoting or smearing turns.

Camber assists the pressured ski to enhance edging at the contact points .A no camber ski will have the skier make use of pressure to create his focus on his edging.
Racing skis traditionally have lots of camber. Soft snow skis are being built with none to reverse camber.
Sidecut is described above and more sidecut will help the ski turn easier when pressured . A ski with no sidecut will be the same dimensions along it's length

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