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Dalbello Proton 9 Question

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So I am in the market for a new pair of ski boots.  I have been looking for a little while and came across a good deal on a pair of Dalbello Proton 9 boots.  My other choice right now is the Nordica Speed machine 110s.  Both seem to fit me really well. 
I am a very aggressive skier, I live in Vermont and have been skiing pretty much my whole life.  I spend most of my time in the bumps or in the trees, I will ski pretty much anywhere in any conditions comfortably, but I also want a pair of boots that will do well at high speeds on groomers. 

 My concern is that these boots will not be responsive enough for my style of skiing.  They are made for intermediate to advanced skiers. 

Can anyone explain what I would be losing by getting these boots versus a boot made for expert skiers?  Has anyone tried these specific boots? 

Thanks in advance for any information you can give me.  

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I wonder why the bootfitter recommended those two? Did you tell your fitter that you are an aggressive expert skier? How does the shell shape match up with the shape and volume of your foot?

Generally, a fitter will select a lower volume boot for a skier of your level. Naturally, if you have a foot shaped like a football, then the boots you mention make some sense at least as a starting point.

Did you express your concerns to the fitter? what was the response??

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Thanks for the feedback, I ended up going to a different store with a better sales staff and got the Salomon Impact 10 CS.  They fit great, (I retried the Nordicas and there is a big difference in the fit between the two) and I have no worries about them performing the way that I expect them too.  Ended up spending a bit more than planned, but overall I am much happier.  
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I just bought the Dalbello Proton 9's & LOVE 'EM!!! I do have a high instep & these boots are not made for such & give me a problem each time I get into them. I'm an advanced intermediate skier & feel these bootrs are PERFECT for me. I do wish they had a higher instep though, but they are plenty wide for me as I also have a wide foot. That would be my ONLY complaint about them.
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