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Lib Tech vs Armada

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I'm really interested in picking up a new All Mountain Freeride ski that can blast some of the frontside stuff while having the ability to hit the powder / trees when it snows.  I've been looking on here and it seems like people are really high on the Dynastar Big / Huge Troubles, S7s / Gotamas, etc.  I'm 6'3 and 195lbs, 8.5 to 9 skier.

I've been seriously considering the Armada JJ's and the new Lib Tech NAS Freeride Recurves (if you haven't seen them yet, they have rockered skis new for this year).  I don't see many comments on either of these skis especially the Lib Techs.  Since the JJs are impossible to find in last year's model and the Lib Tech's have the Recurve rock new for this year (not on 09 or previous models) I'm going to be dropping a pretty penny.  I'd love to hear thoughts on these two skis and any comparisons you'd like to draw. Has anyone skied the JJs or NAS's on here? I'm really leaning towards the Lib Techs because that serrated edge just looks awesome!

Thanks for the inputs.
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No love for a first time poster?  Someone on here has to have riden both these skis!
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 Get the LibTechs!
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There is a guy on here who has a pair of Lib Techs as his daily ski.  I think he skis Mammoth.  I can't remember his name though.
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Go to the TGR site, login and do a search on the JJ.  Tons of positive from users last year - no change in the ski this year.
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Thanks for the inputs.  I have already been over to TGR and searched on the JJs.  The "review" that TGR itself put up is rather lacking.  I'd rather hear from those on here who actually ski them and what they think of the two pairs of skis.  I also think there is a lot of hype around the JJs because it was difficult to get a hold of them last year.

Less people seem to have the Lib Techs so I'm more interested in trying to get some feedback on these.  But I do want to what the progressive design of the JJs is advantageous for and why, firsthand.
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Yeah those JJs caught my eye when I saw them. I like Armada's skis. Never been on a lib tech so I cant really comment there. I got the 05/06 Armada Pipe Cleaners the first year too.
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I think I remember that Dookey67 is the person who skis the Lib Techs or did ski them as his daily ski.  I looked at them last season for a bit.  I was interested in demoing them and thought that they might have some available for Demo at the demo center at Kirkwood.  But, I called them and if I recall, they had some but didn't get demo bindings that would fit so they weren't available.  I never got to try them out, and eventually moved on.  I'm intrigued by the design and still watching to read what people's impressions are after they get a chance to ski them. 
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Haven't been on the recurves.  I've heard really good things about them. 

I have a snowboard with a relaxed version of Lib Tech's "MagneTraction" "wavy" edge, and while for pure carving that's still not my preference, for all-around riding I like the effect a lot.  I would probably call Lib Tech themselves and ask them how "grabby" the version of this sidecut they put on the recurves is, and/or find out from others who know re: this, and then see whether that matches what you're looking for.  They seem to have done a pretty good job dialing this in for different uses in their snowboard line, though.

Just as a useless digression, it'll be interesting to see the response when these types of sidecut manipulation become visible in racing -- there were a lot of headshakers for a while but I think it's here to stay. 
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 I have the LIB NAS.  I ski them almost everyday of the ski season.  The magna traction is the best tech about them.  They ski great in the POW and trees.  I don't like bumps so I stay away.  Having that edge just makes them rip the hardpack.  I use them as my AT ski also.  I have the Marker Dukes mounted on them.  Yea a little heavy but worth it on the way down.  I only do short tours.  If your resort gets a lot of POW then this is the ski.
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Hey Cali...just picked up a pair NAS Pow Recurve's. Tough decision vs the J's but just put a NAS Pow in your hand and flex. Beautiful flex pattern.  I was immediately sold especially after looking at the dimensions. A bit more length in a 191 on the Lib Tec with similar reverse rocker tech like the JJ with a bit of camber too. No tapered tip or tail. Dimensions are 153/117/143. Carvy and slarvy both I'm hoping. The bases and maybe tops too can differ from pair to pair. Mine have a blue base on one and a yellow base on the other.  I have an ARG which you know is total reverse reverse coming. Thats the thing bout the progression of skis. It gets so bloody expensive if you are a gearhead junky. I would love to be Mr one-ski quiv-dude but experimenting with the progressive new designs is exciting and keeps the wheels of commerce greased! Would love to try a JJ and in the end may just pop and buy it. Can sell any of them that just aren't you. Spendy I know. The cost of progressive 'new things' and blind faith :)
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