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europe ski touring setup

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I am strongly thinking about doing a 3 day hut to hut Haute Route ski tour in Switzerland.  I am an experienced downhill and cross country skier so i figure I can handle the mechanics, but I have no free alpine touring equipment.  Where is the best place to look at some of that? Can I get a reasonable package for <$400? , doesn't seem to be.  I guess there is no way i could use the skis I have now and put on an alpine touring binding, I think my skis are 177cm?
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I see there are two types boots.  One says: AT and Alpine Binding Compatibility (not Dynafit Compatible!.  Are there a couple different boot/binding setups?
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 Short answer is no.  You might be able to coble together used gear for near that price, but it would take time scouring e-bay and other sites for used gear.   Rent when you are there so you have gear that fits and is appropriate to the terrain.  You are hiring a guide right.
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Thanks Maineac.  I have it figured out now.  I saw a 3 day haute ski touring trip, but instead I just booked a mid-December trip on my own.  I'll be riding lift served and if is available and necessary, It makes the trip so much cheaper not to have to worry about new equipment and I'll get some good skiing and sights in no matter what for my first trip. 
I'll try to get out for a day of guided backcountry where I'll rent the equipment and get a taste of the action.  I have an overnight flight from Newark to Geneva, and it looks like I could be skiing that afternoon wherever I end up.  Since I'm going early, there should be plenty of beds, I am going to wait and chase the best snow.
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Day one (eg, arrival day) skiing's a challenge (we've done this on another thread). Megeve might be your best bet if there's snow.

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I've done the fly all night from Newark and ski upon arrival in Zermatt.  The skiing part feels like you've got two left feet, but it's sure nice to get up the hill and get the jet lag cobwebs out. The plus is that you sleep great that night and are ready to roll the next day.  In my experience, the skiing part is really not that enjoyable.
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 Based on my limited experience (one fantastic but much too short trip to Zermatt in '07 while I was a visiting professor in Basel) I would strongly consider hiring a guide even for lift served skiing. Off piste there is not like here- you won't be able to easily figure out where to go on the map, you can get into crevassed terrain, and you will not be able to find the best snow. We had a day with a guide in which we literally had 1st tracks for every run all day long in 30-40 degree couloirs- and that was with a day of poor visibility where we were unable to venture out on to the glaciers. It was one of the best ski days I can remember.
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