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Junior ski recommendations

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Wondering if any of you have any thoughts on skis for a 9 year old girl, advanced intermediate, whose been on skis since she was three. She skis primarily in the Pacific Northwest, probably 15 to 20 days a season. She's basically comfortable all over the mountain until you get real steep or deep, though she's been skiing on pretty short skis - 110s - and still needs to make the transition to a ski where you're actually carving. Not sure how big that transion will be.

Sizewise, she's 80 pounds and about 53 inches tall. I think 130s would probabl be at her nose, but I'd love it if she could get two or three seasons out of a new pair. 135s would be right at the top of her head, and 140s pretty long. Would 140s be way too aggressive and detract from her enjoyment?

And what about brands. I want to get her an all mountain ski, possibly with twin tips as she enjoys the parks.  Anyone have any feedback on specific skis, maybe the Roxy Abracadabra or something similar?  
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It's a challenge! I have a 10yr old son that is similar in weight, about 4 inches taller and has been skiing for about the same amount of time as your daughter.  We've been doing a season rental from the local big-box and just trade them back in the next year, pay ~$45 and get the next bigger size (ski's and boots). At this point, I don't worry too much about name brand, all-mnt vs slalom cut vs whatever. He is just continuing to develop and get better each year, regardless and he ALWAYS has fun. besides, with the normal 9 - 10 year old growth curve, your daughter will outgrow whatever you get her in a season - maybe two.

This year he is starting a low-key racing program, so I expect peer pressure to have him asking for whatever the other fast boys are on, but again, at this age and at this stage in development, I don't think it matters that much what specific ski he is on.
Now, try putting a Junior into at AT set-up for the occasional hut trip or back country cruiser day! Can't hardly be done unless you go with tele gear.
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Two or three years?........OK........what year would you like them to be the right size? Now? one year from now??........two???.....three???? Pick a year when you want them to fit.

Nose is correct at this point and is a sizable jump of 20 cm from where she is now. That's good enough.

Roxy is a great brand for young girls.

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What Jim said.  I can also highly recommend the Line Celebrity Mini, which is the best made kids ski I've seen, and is typically quite reasonably priced, especially if she's willing to ski last year's graphics.  Given the sizable twin tip, I'd go for a 133.
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