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Help with best length of K2 Recon

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I need some help choosing the right length of K2 Recons. I'm getting a pair through a product trade deal with K2, so I can't choose any other brands and I'm pretty confident in the Recon for what I want to do on skis. I spent a winter at Snowbird right after college, but haven't skied much since then (sadly, that was about 15 years ago). I bought some 205cm straight skis at Snowbird, but haven't really been able to handle them since then as I'm a desk jockey, get very little exercise and am not athletically gifted.

Here are my stats:  6'5" tall but only 185# on a a heavy day (don't recommend eating more -- it doesn't help). I'm an advanced skier and could ski everything at Snowbird comfortably by the end of my winter there, although I was never very good in powder or bumps. My only athletic ability is coordination and I have good self discipline. I learn athletic endeavors through practice and improving my technique, but I have slow reflexes and low muscle strength compared to a naturally athletic person. I live and ski in California. I love snowboarding in powder but I also love skiing and want skis that will be good when it hasn't snowed for a while. I like skiing a variety of terrain but will likely be staying mostly on trail. I remember particularly enjoying the steeper terrain at Snowbird. I also enjoy skiing fast on uncrowded groomers, but "fast" to me is probably not more than 30 or 40 mph and I don't get to see many uncrowded groomers anymore.

I've called a few shops to ask them to recommend a length for me, and everyone immediately proclaims "184" after I mention my height. But on this forum it seems like very few people under 200 lbs are choosing lengths over 180cm. Should I get the Recon in the 184 or take it down to the 177?
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While not Recon specific, i'm 6' and 145lbs (same issue with eatting, heh.)  And I ski a Watea 94 in a 178.  My first instict would be to just go wtih the 184, it's not THAT much more ski, and it may make it more fun in the future if you decide to venture off-trail. 

But that's just my thought, I'm no expert, I'm sure the more experienced will chime in as well.
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Anybody else out there willing to help me out?
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Ski should be from eye height to top of your head.
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I'm 5'11" and 175 lbs, and I loved my recons at 175cm.  I have 2 friends that are similar in size to me who ski the Recon at 168cm.  My take is that it is easier to feel that you may lose some stability at speed than to feel beat up by a ski that is too long.
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Weight is much more important, in general, than height in choosing an appropriate ski length.  A longer ski in the range of 184 will certainly be stable at high speeds in a straight line or in high-speed, long-radius turns, but perhaps not be as nimble and versatile as you might like.  Shorter turns and bumps will be more work.  At your weight, approximately 174 should be perfect.
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I'm 6'2" and 225 and just went with Recons in a 184.  I'd recommend the 177 given you size (height and weight) as well as skiing ability.

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Thanks for all the suggestions. I'm leaning towards the 177 since I'm a lightweight and not particularly strong.
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