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Opening Day at A-Basin?

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JMD and I will be there at 9:00.  Any other Bears planning on hitting up the WROD?
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 Where's the gnar?
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I believe it can be found immediately beyond the ropeline.  That's the great thing about early season--you don't even have to hike for it!  

You know, if you and Terry left today, you could be here by Friday...
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I drove past A-basin yesterday afternoon. They have a lot of work to do to be ready to open Friday Morning. I'll be there at 9am. Ready for the WROD. Let the ski season begin.
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but i can't. dam job, dam we have to go visit her parents this year, dam bills, dam living within my budget, dam not buying google stock 10 years ago !
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 Don't forget the TR from last season's opening.
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Totally missed the reference.    (I couldn't find the puking icon so I guess this one will have to do). 


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