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Model For Growth

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With the Core Concepts manual I also received a cool document published by the National Ski Areas Assocoation(NSAA).

I can't seem to find a copyright in the book, but I won't print direct quotes in here anyway just to be sure.

I have found some interesting comments and quotes that apply to some of the perceived contradictions between PSIA/AASI, traditional teaching approaches and new teaching systems and products.

Here are some PARAPHRASED concepts.

PSIA and AASI teaching systems address the needs and motivations of each individual customer, not the 'current technique'. The systems work effectively with a broad selection of teaching methods/techniques (listed are: "direct-to-parallel",GLM,Graduated sidecut method, traditional methods)

The suggestion that the American Teaching System can BE USED TO STRUCTURE DIFFERENT PROGRAMS AND SERVICES is made. (This is very different from the perception that PSIA-AASI believes their systems should be the only ones used or that their systems should be in place as or exist as the only program or method of service used.)

PSIA/AASI recognizes that different areas have different approaches and points out that the organization IS NOT in a competitive relationship with any such method, especially not any area's specific snowsport marketing program.

It states that PSIA and AASI actually operate in support of the whole idea of areas "branding" their snowsports programs as their own.

PSIA acknowledges they do indeed like it when the value of instruction from PSIA or AASI certified teachers receives recognition. Along with that statement PSIA acknowledges the benefits of people taking lessons from professional instructors without exception regardless of their training, marketing or labeling.

All of that comes from one, short page in the pamphlet. As I digest the material I will continue to post info I believe to be interesting as topic for converstation.

I haven't checked yet, but .www.nsaa.org is their site. Some access to this document may exist there. I'll check

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That sounds so vague that it is meaningless. Like a politician who supports any issue, depending upon who he is talking to. Is that really what it says?
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The following statement is intended to serve a constructive purpose, and it may be applied to both of the above post(er)s.

"Perception is merely a reflection of what lies in the perceiver's mind."

(attributed to - Me. 10/15/2001)

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