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2003 heads

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The new 2003 heads with all the computer gismos can be seen at They look pretty wicked, I notice that alot of the all mountain are the sam as the xp range with this new electronics added. I have the xp100 and it is amazing, read my review on the other forum, the i200 is the same ski but with the i stuff. Will be interesting to see how they go. Get away from the crowd try some had skis, it is really worth it.
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Hi again, Disco.

Now here is a good example of the value of demoing. Last spring, I was looking for a new-generation short slalom ski. I demoed Atomic, Saloman, Volkl, K2, and Rossignol's versions.

The shop I was using also happened to have the Head World Cup Slalom TI, so I tried it. Bottom line is that I absolutely fell in love with that ski.

Like you said in your other post, I liked the skis from the other makers and I could probably very easily have adjusted my skiing to any one of those skis. By demoing, however, I found what I believe is the "perfect" ski for me from that category.

That's just a long way of saying that Head makes fabulous skis and more people need to give them a try.

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Was it the flashy smile? The shapeliness or the wit and charm?
Come on.
Tell us, what did you fall in love with that wasn't in the others.

A good ski is hard to find.

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Okay, so I tend to anthropomorphize everything, skis included.

I think it was definitely the shapeliness. The see-through tops are very nice, too...

Whoa, I'm going home to fondle them.

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it wasn't head that got a british skier into a medal position, it was VICKS!
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Well you should have realised from the start that Heads are the best! Any ski that can get a British skier into a medal positon must have something going for it!!!! Shame about the drugs thing, imagine losing your medal because the vicks nose inhaler in the US has a different composition to the UK and hence contains banned substances!!!
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