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Yahoo! - Targhee Powder 10-6-09

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It snowed quite a bit last Friday/Saturday at Grand Targhee and then yesterday it was snowing pretty hard in Jackson Hole, so we planned a little outing for early this morning.  This morning broke cold (16 degrees f) and clear.  We arrived at the Targhee parking lot at 8:00 and began the laborious process of gearing up for the first skiing/skinning adventure of our 2009/2010 season:

EpicSkier Strike! (skinning on his new bc setup) heading up out of the base village, still in shadows:

Bill popping up out of the shadows and into the moring sun:

Climbing higher:

And finally, the reason we came:

It was a little thin in spots (as a few dings to my old skis will attest), but all it all it was way more fun than I was expecting.  Real turns in real powder.  Magnifique!

And we were back down to the cars by:

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When I saw that picture the other day, I was wondering why you guys weren't gettin after it.
Great job!

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 Damn...  I was storing river gear.
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And I'm still waiting for Summer here in Western New York.

Can't hope for snow here yet. Got another foundation to get in the ground for another house.

I am jonesing for some powder though.

Nice pics Bob.
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Sweet TR. There is some snow in the mountians here, but  I am still in summer mode for the moment.
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Funny, I was looking at the Targhee pic of the day page earlier today & "wondering". Now I guess I know...  Very nice... 
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Bob, you make me drool....

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Very nice TR

Amazing to see all this snow in the beginning of October.
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another reason why I need to move.......  excellent, glad you got the goods.
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Thanks for allowing us to live vicariously
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 powder dooder,

or pow brah,

or sickter mcrickter,

or targhee = stokeville usa?

okey dokey,  I'm done
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My best wishes for everyone to have an awesome winter!

A White Raven
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Originally Posted by MattL View Post

Thanks for allowing us to live vicariously
This is what I've been doing for the past 3 years, hope to get on the slopes this winter!

All the best to my fellow Bears!
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