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Where's Mission Ridge?

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 I went to the Gear, Resorts & More section, navigated to Washington, and looked for Mission Ridge ski area in Wenatchee, WA.  It is not represented in your list.  Can it be added?
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"Where's Mission Ridge?"

It's a small ski resort in Wenatchee, Washington, but that's not important now .
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Originally Posted by geoffda View Post

"Where's Mission Ridge?"

It's a small ski resort in Wenatchee, Washington, but that's not important now .
Yes, I've skied there.  I was looking at the part of Epic where they list the ski areas in various states and provences and it's not there.
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 I think the front range crew is just feeling smug this week...
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Thanks for letting us know, Posaune--there are some great ski areas that for some reason didn't make it, so we add them manually. I recently added Red Lodge Mountain and Moonlight Basin. Actually, anyone can add a new resort or product
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Originally Posted by Posaune View Post

Yes, I've skied there.  I was looking at the part of Epic where they list the ski areas in various states and provences and it's not there.


I can't believe NOBODY got my Airplane reference!  Funny, about two seconds before you posted, I was looking for Mission Ridge myself.  Good call on pinging the admins.
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If the item you are looking for is not listed, feel free to add a product manually.  Just scroll down to the bottom of the search results and click the link that says "Can't find what you're looking for? You can always add it manually."

Thanks, Nolo.  I did everything in the tutorial except I didn't see the above.  It was frustrating.  I guess I need to read the directions, as silly as that may seem.
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Your task was more complicated than I realized:

I saw that the Mission Ridge entry had been pre-empted by the title of a published report of a USFS study on Mission Ridge, which was downloaded when we imported all the book titles relevant to skiing from to the new Books, Movies & More products section here at EpicSki. The Mission Ridge page is now ready for your input...

I need to find those esoteric items that we downloaded and remove them--unless, of course, there are people interested in that revegetation study of Mission Ridge after the ski area was built...
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Unfortunately, the MIssion Ridge website is down for redesign...I pulled up the MR trail map from another source to get it started. 
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 Thanks, nolo.  The description and review are done.
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Doesn't MR have a Bomber on the hill?
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One crashed up there.  I'm not positive on the date, but it may have been during WWII.  There is a bowl called "Bomber Bowl" and there are the "Bomber Cliffs."

After writing the above I got interested and searched a tiny bit.  I got this page:

On it, there is this, RIP:

The wing of the bomber is actually mounted at this spot, with a plaque that describes what happened. If you look around, especially up the ski run, you can find bits and pieces of the wreck. Some of it has been moved so that there is less danger to skiers.

It is reached by skiing down from the top of Chair 2 at Mission ridge Ski Area, and going down the ski run "Bomber Bowl". It can also be hiked to in the summer. There is also a cache here, GCC532.

This is what is written on the plaque:

“On a stormy night of September 30, 1944, Flight Crew 22, on a training mission from Walla Walla Army Air Base, found itself off course and lost above the rugged Cascade Mountain Range. They were flying a B – 24 “Liberator” Heavy Bomber. The night was rainy and the valley was enshrouded with heavy fog. Around 8:00 p.m. the Beehive Lookout reported Hearing the drone of a planes engines as it passed directly overhead. Within moments a fire was seen faintly illuminating the fog, alerting the lookout that the plane had probably crashed. Due to the darkness, weather. And terrain, search efforts were delayed. The next morning when a rescue party reached this rocky bowl, just 500 feet below the crest of Mission Ridge, they found the flames had been extinguished by the heavy rainfall from the previous night. Pieces of the wreckage were strewn hundreds of yards across the slope and the bodies of all six crew members were found. There were no survivors. - USFS, Vets of Foreign Wars of the U.S., Mission Ridge, Boy Scout Troop 5"

Edited by Posaune - 10/7/09 at 10:03am
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Thanks P. It has been a number of years since I skied there. Was skiing down a trail and saw a plane tail. Might say it caught me off guard. Good report on MR.
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Thank you, Posaune, for fleshing out that page so nicely -- and for letting us know Mission Ridge wasn't represented here. That was a huge omission, because MR truly is a gem of a ski area--it was one of my favorite stops for PNSA races in high school. 
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