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Help Others Out, Review Your Local Area

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 Now that we've had this new site for a while it might be a good idea for everyone to check out your local hill under the "Gear, Resorts & More" tab at the top of this, and every, page.  Navigate to your home area and write a review.

You can review anywhere you have skied.  The more the merrier.  I've been looking at a road trip into BC this winter and I'm not seeing much helpful in the reviews.  Most areas don't have any.  I know that there are skiers from every point on the compass that frequent this forum and it must be the rare ski area that has not had one of us ski it, if it exists at all.  Help out your fellow skiers and write a review today.  I know I will.
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Already did that back when we first transitioned.  The trouble is, as a local I am proud of my hill, but I really don't want to go too nuts and encourage a lot more people to show up.  I just want enough people to show up to keep it profitable and keep season pass prices reasonable, not create lift lines.....

Also, I want the "right kind" of people to show up.  I want real "skiers", not people who demand gondolas, perfect corduroy, valet parking, etc.
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Luckily, EpicSki tends to attract the genuine article in ski enthusiasts! The recent survey showed that a great majority of us ski a lot, have skied for some time, and ski pretty well (even if we do say so ourselves).  

I hope a lot of people take Posaune up and show your allegiance--rah rah sis boom ba--it's that time of year!  
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I just posted a review about my home hill, now Im gonna do the other one.
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Hey, fellow eastern skiers, the "Gear, Resorts & More" area of the web site is desperately in need of reviews of your respective home mountains.  Stowe isn't even listed/ranked yet (Whiteface is presently ranked #1 in the east--that should get some response from the Vermont skiers), and there are a couple of mountains in PA (plus Hunter in the Catskills) that have higher ratings than Sugarbush.  Only a couple of mountains in NH even have reviews/rankings.

Personally, I think the mountain reviews would provide the most benefit to readers if people gave their honest assessments, rather than just trying to promote their home mountain by giving it five stars in all categories.  One of the Hunter reviews did this, which is why Hunter is presently ranked in the top 6 in the Eastern U.S.  The best way to address these "outlier" reviews is to get Bears to submit lots of well reasoned reviews of the mountains they are familiar with.  In my review of Gore Mtn. NY (my home mountain) I did my best to fairly and accurately assess and describe Gore Mtn's strengths and weaknesses. 

It would be really great if each Bear would take the time to write a review of the mountain s/he is most familar with.

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