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Learning challenged instructors

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Is it just me or do many ski instructors come with enough excess bagage to render themselves learning impaired.

All seem to be enthusiastic enough but many seem to want to assimilate anything new stuff that you are showing them into what they already believe. If their belief is different, they politely say "I appreciate your help and I see what you are doing but-----".
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Pierre: When I am in a clinic with "old Bob", Bob has been giving the same stuff over and over and it's a total waste. Bob takes us to the same section of an intermediate trail and demos a single traverse "rail road track" all the way down.

Half of the smart ones disappear into the mist as soon as they hit the chair .... you ain't turning into an "old Bob" are you? [img]tongue.gif[/img]

What is the content of the clinics where you are getting this reaction?
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Lets say this is not a clinic Yuki. Lets say this is an instructor asking me for free time for individual help. I am evaluating only that instructor and telling them what inefficient things that I see, asking them for their understanding of what I see and how to make the biggest improvements in their individual skiing.

Many instructors that I work with do get it and make great improvements. They are the one's who don't end their sentence in "but".
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I like the old 'let's ski this' technique where you carefully pick terrain that will best highlight their inefficiency or flaw. Once it is clearly demonstrated where it does not work they can become more open to hearing how to make it work.

I find the 'buts' often centre around equipment or physical ailments. I try to be delicate but sometimes it comes down to 'that's probably what's causing you do this so now let's focus on doing what's effective so we can move on'. ie: you need to use your legs more, reply 'I'm stiff from weights' leads to; that's nice and that would be why you need to focus on using your legs more. Often people want to spend their time focusing on the problem instead of moving on to the solution no matter how obvious or easy it might be.
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L7 said:
I find the 'buts' often centre around equipment or physical ailments
Yah know I just might get more than my fair share because I am known as the guy who can pick out any equipment problems and modify equipment to compensate for ailments.
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Some people take a long time to assimilate new information.

Me, I hate a new haircut for at least three hours and generally walk out with a face like a boot. I don't think it makes the hairdresser feel appreciated but I can't help it.

Sometimes it more than five minutes to 'twig' something, sometimes a couple of seasons.
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Lots of times people don't believe the problem exists until you show them. They also may not see the connection between this movement pattern and that problem.

If they still don't believe or aren't willing to open their minds a bit, your job is done and you should just accept that you can't help them.
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Perhaps they came to you for help hoping for the magic bullet and then realized it was beyond them.

Getting wide ... I have a stance that was induced by the old "Stein" school and I have a naturally narrow gait (look at my footprints in the sand at the beach). Two or three times a year a few well intended try to straighten me out. I went up to GMO looking for the fix too and after spending an hour with Greg was told to live with it ... shimming and canting won't help. Now I appreciate the "help" but even my son who has wide track race stance has finally told me .... give it up, you ski and look better when you ski "like you" in a bit (6 to 7 inch) narrower SL stance. I've spent hundreds of hours trying to get wide. Perhaps it's age.

I always thank them .... but .. yep, the big "but" comes out. Oddly enough some of the younger skiers in the school as me to work with them to get smooth .... or go out and work with some of the "terminal plateau" instructors.

I did have a good session with one of our fellows the other day who was going for his L-2. Within twenty turns Sam pickied up on my (regression) and lack of early release during short radius slow turns .... Thanks Sam! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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