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Skier Made "Ski Condition Reports"

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Can anybody direct me to an online daily ski condition report for ski resorts made by skiers who just skied a particular resort?
I know ski resorts make reports using general terms such as "Packed Powder", which doesn't really tell you much. And I don't want to make this into a discussion which bashes ski resorts for reporting this way. I'm looking for a forum with honest & detailed ski condition reports without discussions on other ski topics made by somebody who just skied the resort. Is there a forum that has this type of report for the majority of resorts?

I ski Whiteface & Gore, and the conditions can be variable at these resorts. It would be nice to know if it's icy or not before I go. I would think a lot of skiers would be willing make reports on a forum with this format that is independent of the resort.

Does EpicSki have this?

With type of forum, you could make a report on a cell phone with web access the morning that you are skiing, or at the end of the day. With a forum listing all the resorts, everyone would have instant access to reports about the resort they are planning to ski the next day. The forums could be set up so you can only submit a report or read a ski condition report, but not make comments on a report or dicuss other ski topics.  I'm not a computer techie or forum expert, and don't know if a forum could be set up this way.
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I am not aware of any forum like that. Epicski has a separate trip reports forum where members post reports with pictures and videos for ski areas all over the U.S., and other countries, too, but you are not going to find reports for any resort that are posted on a daily basis.  Alpinezone.com also has a separate trip report forum, and because it is devoted to the northeast, you are more likely to find reports for Gore and Whiteface on there.  But again, you won't find reports for any resort posted every day.

The only forum that I know of in the northeast that has reports posted by members most days is killingtonzone.com.  As it is devoted to Killington, it will not be of much help to you at Whiteface and Gore.  I ski at Killington and find the daily reports very useful in deciding whether to make the 2 hour drive to the mountain. 
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Sounds like a new forum category to me!

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You can get some if the info visually through the multitude of webcams many areas now have.  Some resorts are better than others in this regard.  But, I alwyas look first at the webcams, then at the weather forecast, then look at the resort during times when all runs are 100% open.  Early and late I expect crap if the trails are only partially open, but am occasionally surprised to find decdent base and maybe some fresh natural on the main trail or two that is open.  But still, looking at the webcams or hearing from someone that went is preferred.  Any call in or skier report is only as reliable as the person posting or calling, it could be someone from the ski resort too.
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We have a forum for just that sort of info, Resorts, Conditions, and Travel, however there apparently are really so many people who want to post conditions as it may seem.

One could start a thread on conditions in their local area, and thereby encourage others nearby, who are plugged into epicski, to contribute.  The hard data (measurements) is already posted on the websites and snowphones. The type of detailed information you're seeking really only comes up in conversation between skiers, it sounds like you want the knowledge without the conversation, good luck with that.
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