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Pick your brain for new ski's

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Sorry, its yet another which ski thread

Me 5ft 7", weight 190 lbs (yep a bit of a podge). Ski mainly Europe (France, Andorra, Italy). and have been skiing a few years (10). I mainly like fast groomers, where I ski well and speed has come up in last 2 seasons to a max of 50mph. I can do blacks (still a few tentatively), reds no problems and am begining to seek out softer stuff and easier moguls (still not good on those) and have started looking for places to get ski's off the ground.

I own some 164cm Atomic Metron EX / M:EX (2005) which I love the feel of (but not the weight), I service them myself (1,3). But am begining to realise that now thay are too short, and are begining to feel unstable at the higher speeds. I love the tight corners they can carve and the stability they have at slower speeds, but for most of my skiing they have been the only ski's I've used so I cant compare them to anything else. They come up to my chin. Is it time to consider upgrading to a newer pair?

So what ski's should I be considering and in what lengths. I would like to start doing a bit more venturing off the piste and maybe a few jumps in the park, but would like more stability at speed and still be able to carve tightly (can one pair do all this?). Piste bashing should still be their main strength though

Would love to hear what folks here would suggest for me,


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Bump!  Sorry does anyone have any suggestions please
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 Steve 50mph on 164 skis,I hope you have a helmet. There are sooo many good skis. I can suggest at least a longer ski say 180cm/80-90mm waist.
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Yep, A  Giro G10. I was not happy at that speed, had to keep skis on edge. But was just pushing them to see what they would do. Had a nice empty run and perfect conditions. They were really unstable. I definately think they are too short for me now but were great while I mastered the basics
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We see how you are,just throw those skis that have stood by you under the bus. Keep your Atomics to ski another day. Volkl,Fischer and Head are a bit of fun.
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I'd recommend anything with a GS sidecut at about 185-190 cm.   The other details, brand, flex is personal preference.  I have some late 90s 193 cm K2 Fours that are still pretty good and a pair of Nordica Doberman GSRs that will replace the Fours this season for high speed cruising.
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Hey crgildart he's only 5'7" and 50# lighter than you. You would be seen on skis 10 years old,the shame.
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Look for a in line GS ski. What makes a ski great in bumps, can make it bad for speed. If you carve bumps you can ski most any ski in the bumps. I used to ski 217cm Atomic DH in the bumps in Italy.
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OK, I've pretty much decided on the Atomic Blackeye's. A piste bias but with off piste capability but should be similar to my Metrons

Now, do I go for the Ti or non Ti version and 164 or 171 cm long? (164 = my eyes  171 = top of head almost)

Also comes with 3-10 Din bindings oe 4-12. I ski at 6.5 now and may well go to 7 as I had a couple of releases when not expected, Is there are reson to choose one over the other?

Then off to Les Arcs 2000 after xmas to christen them, plenty fo chance for off piste there
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