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technica boots

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Hi boot guys,
I will be working in a ski resort this year, am an intermediate skier, do most of my skiing with my kids (8 and 6 years old) and have the chance to buy technica boots through work at a very good price.
Most boots I have tried allow for too much heel lift and I get pain around my ankles and numbness around my toes.
I had a few people recommend womens boots as I am not so good on skis and are after comfort over performance. I am normal height and weight (on the thin side, thin calves)  and 40 years old. 
Can you recommend one of the technica boots for me?
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no,  we can't



we have not seen your feet, ankle flex, foot size, or talked to you about anything else.

Also, if you get the wrong size, model, flex, you might have saved some money, but on the wrong item, making it worthless.

if you want to order some, great, just be aware that it might not work out that well, but get them tighter and softer then you think you need.

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Mtnlion is right.  Impossible to recommend based on the information you've given and further why would we specifically recommend  Tecnica.  Perhaps they don't make a boot that is correct for your foot shape, skill level and other variables.  Best thing is to get to a competent shop, remove your socks, roll up your pants, get an opinion and start shell fitting.

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