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Bootfitter in Austria, Vienna

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Hello guys ,

I'll be visiting Vienna by the end of the month , and since we don't have bootfitters shop in my country , I am planning to purchase Ski boots in Vienna with descent bootfitter.

Can you guys suggest where I can find a good bootfitter in that region? 
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there may well be one/some, but i have not ever heard of any actually in Vienna... Austria is a funny shaped country and i get the geography wrong the whole time as to what is close to where..... strolz are based in lech, Daleboot in Kitzbuhel but above that i can't give you a suggestion.

it may be worth posting this in the Euro zone where you will get more general viewing and answers
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 Thanks for your reply.

I hope someone will give more detailed information. thanks tough!
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If I were you, I would call all of the ski shops in town, and ask them who they would recommend.

Beyond that I suggest that you read online how to properly fit a ski-boot (this might take longer than just reading this thread), so that when you actually go into a shop, you have something to bring to the table besides money and a dearth of knowledge. Also, once you get a sense of the proper shell type that works for you foot, get a thermo-fit liner of some sort (Intutions are my favorite).
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Thanks for your reply, could you also suggest a good source of "learning more" about bootfitting?
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 replied to the other thread ....


Largest selection of Boots

Other shops -

Sport Nora




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You can find all the information about contacting Strolz in Austria through their main site.  http://www.strolz.at/english/gesamt.htm

They have quite a few independent shops throughout the region that are not listed so you might give then a call for locations if would like to see what they have to offer.

Good luck!

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