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Are these too short?

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Hi all,

I have a quick question about the proper ski length.  I am not a hardcore skier, living in Illinois doesn't permit many ski trips, but I would say I get out a couple times a year or so.  And I'm relatively decent, I can go down the black diamonds and still keep control, so I wouldn't say I'm a newbie or anything.  That said, I've been thinking about buying my own pair of skis cause I'll be heading out to Colorado this winter and wanted my own set, so I found a used pair of skis that i was thinking about buying.  They are Volkl RaceTigers '07/08 156cm.  Now I'm 25 years old, 6'0", 150 lbs and I've read that shorter skis are better for lighter skiers, but I'm wondering if these are too short.  The price is pretty good so I feel like I want to get them, but I'm looking for some advice.  Thanks in advance.
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 Yes, they are too short for you... and probably not the right ski either.  Try the search function here and read up a bit about all mountain skis.  I'll let others chime in with suggestions, but I'd say for your only ski, in CO, you might want to be thinking more in the 80mm waist range.  

Welcome to Epic!
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That might be a great ice ski but something a bit longer and fatter would serve you better. That is a very good hard surface ski and it's probably a little short for you even for that. I'd pass and keep looking or consider buying a used ski like these choices from an outlet I trust. Something around 170  would suit you better .

I thought these might be a good choice for you for a new ,reasonably priced every day ski with bindings and maybe Demo something fat if you want to feel what they offer.
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they are not to short for you, they are slalom skis probably at that length.  As  JPH said, they are wrong for every day skis in CO.  If you are on a budget, you can't go wrong with something like a used K2 Public Enemy's in about 170 - 180 ish range. 
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Those skis are either slalom skis or GS Jr's. In either case you wouldn't be very happy. Spend some time trying demo skis before you buy. It may cost you a little upfront but, it'll be worth it in the long run.

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Thank you all from saving me from making a wrong choice.  I guess I'll have to look a little more and pick something more suitable.  The suggestions were very helpful, I'll try to stick to something along those lines.  Again, Thanks!!
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Spend the money on some good boots (ones that fit you) and rent skis in CO.
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As a slalom ski, only a bit too short (some people your weight might prefer that length)  As an all-mountain ski, much too short.  +1 on the boot advice.
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Another vote for boots first!
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Make sure that where you are renting will adjust the bindings to YOUR boots, some won't and insist you rent the package.  If you don't listen to the sage advice of Mattl and skier j and get skis first, you still have the same issue but in the opposite direction.

Buy boots then skis.  You will have a better experience on good fitting boots and crappy skis than great skis and crappy boots.
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