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Snowy Range Resort (WY) - is it a go this season?

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I'm trying to find out whether Snowy Range ski area near Laramie, Wyoming is going to operate this winter.  It sounds like they've had a struggle the last few years to open, and a bank is running it last I read.  Anybody know what's going on this 2009-2010 season?  I've got a son at Univ. of Wyoming this year, and I'd like to take him there if it's open.  I always like trying out new hills.
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Sounds like they'll open Nov. 28th if they get enough snow.  The bank is going to run it for another season.  I'd still like to hear from anyone who's skied there.
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 This was my home ski area as a kid and in college.  Given that I learned at Happy Jack (between Cheyenne and Laramie), this was the big time.  It's a relatively small area, but probably in the range of vertical of Eldora, maybe a bit less.  It certainly was fine to keep me busy given that Steamboat was a 4 hour drive.  I arranged my school schedule so I only attended class on Tuesdays and Thursdays so I could ski the other 5 days.

Definitely give it a try.

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Thanks for the reply, Mike.  5 out of 7 days sounds pretty sweet.  How's the road up to the place?

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25 miles across the plains and about 7 or so up the hills.  Not bad unless it is a blizzard.
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They are open and the snow has been decent compared to the I-70 corridor.  We had about a foot last weekend, but it blew all over the place.  The new website is www.snowyrangeski.com

I Patrol there every weekend so if you need any info, just let me know.

The Trading Post is offering Apres' Ski with $5 pitchers of Bud and assorted food specials.  The new lodge at Snowy Range sucks, but the atmosphere down the road a few miles at the Trading Post is just the ticket!
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 Sounds like the old "Medicine Rock" hasn't changed much over the years. Pictures on their web site could be from 30 years ago. Too bad Happy Jack closed down-- now there was a destination resort!
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Thanks for the update and link, Happy Jack, and welcome to EpicSki.  Is Happy Jack a reference to something famous or 'infamous'?
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Famous?  Hard to be famous.  There was the strip club a couple of miles away...

I learned to ski at Happy Jack.  Maybe that's why I still ...

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Yep, I too learned to ski at Happy Jack growing up in Cheyenne.  Still skin up the old lift line and ski it a bit.  There is a nordic ski club that has been doing a great job grooming the upper trails at Tie City. 

I am a relative of Peter Smart Glen that helped start Happy Jack, Libby Creek and Medicine Bow.  He had a run named after him at Medicine Bow (Snowy Range) - Smart Glen.  The latest owners changed the name to Gunslinger, but with new ownership on the horizon, I will lobby to change it back.
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 I'm another guy who learned to ski at Happy Jack on old surplus 10th Mtn Division skis. Maybe that's why I don't think it's necessary to lock down my heels.

Not to put down your relative, but Medicine Rock (Bow) is what convinced me to become a backcountry skier. The winds sure scour that place. Wish the place was a few more miles back in the mountains and a ridgeline or two over.

Actually when you think of the population Happy Jack and Medicine Bow served, he did a pretty good job of even getting them in and opened.
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What's really a shame is that before the lodge burned down we were approved to look at reopening the Libby Creek Area.  We would take the cat over there and ski it.  It's STEEP! 

Have you seen the expansion they did about 15 years ago?  Opened some real nice terrain.  The winds aren't near as I remember as a kid.  I spend 80% on Tele's and 20% DH.

Tele on Garth!
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Finally made it myself to Snowy Range on 2/9/13.  My oldest son never did go there, but I took #2 son there (he's at UWyo).  They had received about 6" of powder in the morning, and we made it there for a half day.  The lodge is enormous - the biggest lodge/hill ratio I've ever seen.  Too bad the hill doesn't do much for me.  Flat, short, a tad confusing with the back lift.  The parking lot was full, so they must be having a decent year.  A bit of a letdown for experts, but probably perfect for taking a non-skier out for their first taste.

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