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Kids Under 10 Ski Free!

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I just looked at the Crystal Mountain web site, and the first thing to jump out at me was the banner text stating "Kids Under 10 Ski Free."  

I actually had to go to their ticket price page to double check this.  I assumed there was some sort of catch.  I've been fooled by ski areas before.  In fact, the list price for children 0-10 years old is $0.00.

Are other ski areas doing this?  Will this turn Crystal Mountain into a kid zone overrun by families?  Or is this the most brilliant idea since the high speed quad?  As a father of three kids I'm all for it, but I can understand if others have misgivings....
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Kids' prices vary massively, although it seems like pricing patterns are regional.  IIRC, the Utah resorts discount adult tickets by $20 or so, while the Tahoe resorts recently jumped from $5 to $10.
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Yes, there is a lot of variation.  From what I have seen around me:
Vail Resorts- 4 & under free
Intrawest (Copper)- 5 & under
Aspen/Snowmass- 6 & under

Intrawest was nice enough to use my daughters age as of June 1 st when we bought her $30 (admin fee?) season pass last April for this season, so she will ski almost free as a 6 year old...
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Seeing as that's been the policy at Crystal since 1997, I don't think it's going to turn the area into something that it isn't already.

I believe that is the policy at all of Boyne's ski areas.
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 It's certainly not the policy at Snoqualmie Pass: $12 for 6 and under, $38 7-12.  
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We're lucky in that most of the ski areas in upper MI are 8 and under free.  Anything within an hour of Detroit they rip you off. 
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I've got a new 7 yo ski buddy and four choices of where to ski within about the same drive (3 hours).  Since I'll be skiing mostly greens when I take him I would totally disregard  the other usual criteria (conditions, vert drop, etc) and go to whichever one lets him ski cheapest or free.  Last season some were 6 and under, another was 5 and under free, but he was in lessons that included skiing so it didn't much matter.  If someone offers up free skiing for my kid we're there!
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 Steamboat, kids under 12 are free.
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sent out an FYI , under Family Skiing Discussions, Colorado has 5th and 6th grade free/discounts at:

Presumably my kid qualified, just waiting for the mail!
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Big Sky Resort offers 10 and under for free, ski or stay, no catches, except that you do have to bring the youngsters to the window with you to have the tickets issued.  It is two kids per paying adult, but that seems to work out for most families.  Oh, Moonlight Basin next door offers the same deal. 
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