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Volkl AC 20 in Colorado

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Hi, I own a pair Volkl AC 20s(170 cm length  , 74 mmm waist) have had them for about 2 years and like them a lot. I ski on the east coast - mostly hunter, wyndham, gore and whiteface..

Will the AC 20 do well in Colorado?  Do i need to get a fatter ski? We are planning a 5 day skiing trip  from Dec 15 thru the 21st and hope to be able to ski @ loveland, Keystone, Breckenridge, Copper mountain and maybe  Vail.

My girlfriend will be renting skis, her skis are not worth lugging around from JFK to DEN and i'm hoping this thread will help me decide if  i should lug it or rent.


p.s. i hope this is the right place to post this not sure if this should be in the travel forum or the gear forum
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You don't say what kind of skiing you plan to do, or want to do, so I'll assume mostly inbounds fun.
Two options:
1) Bring the AC20's. Unless the snow god(s) really bless us, you will be on a fair bit of groomed snow and man-made snow and will have fun on the familiar. If it dumps, demo away and try out any number of mid-fats or fat ski's.  Several shops in Frisco, Silverthorne or at the mountains will set you up. Heck - if limited snow, demo some other "narrow" ski's  to see how your AC20's stack up.
2) Don't bring 'em and do a couple of days of demo's, trying some different ski's that fit the conditions. Lock onto a preference and enjoy the rest of your trip. Then go home and send in a review.

I spent a lot of time demo'ing last year (at the various mountains you mentioned) and found it made me a better skier in general. Problem is, it gets to be an expensive habit!
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I concur with Wallee's option #1.  Here's an old thread with similar question/ski, RX8, 66mm underfoot.  Consensus was - go for it.

I skied in 18" of fresh snow last April in CO on RX8's.  I found them a little unwieldy off-piste, but I think it was more of a personal problem, i.e. my rarely tested powder technique.  I was curious about how I could have managed on a fatter ski. They were fine on any slope that was fully or partially groomed.
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Take them and save the money for beer or get some nicer skis for your girlfriend.   If you and your girlfriend will be staying on the frontside your skis should be fine even if some snow falls.  Why waste the money if you are happy with them?  You can always demo as Wallee says if you get an epic snow fall. 

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Walle is correct to ask what kind of skiing you're planning to do.

If you're planning to mostly ski the groomers, the AC 20 will be more than sufficient - Colorado groomers are not that different from NY groomers.  They'll also be fine for up to about a foot of fresh snow.  If there's a really big dump, you can rent something fatter (or just hack your way through on the AC20s - they're not that bad in deep stuff, it's just that there are better options these days).

If you're planning to explore the trees / go off-piste / out of bounds then you probably want something more specific to that task. 
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My designated "out west" ski was the 07-08s Volkl AC30s. I am changing that this year but it was really the only time I skied those skis. You will be fine on those. I skied some relatively deep snow with them without much of a problem. Granted it would be nice to have a wider ski but save your hard earned coin for the bar tab.
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