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Skin Query

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So I've got a touring setup, pair of Rossi Bandit B2's (170/76 mm) with Fritschi bindings and skins cut to size. I don't tour all that much.


I'm thinking about getting a slack country setup (174/102 mm) with Marker Barons. The idea is to use them for offpiste skiing with a guide, probably for traverses/short ascents, eg, less than an hour.

What say the experts about using the skins I already have? They're practically new, though of course much narrower than the skis I'm thinking about adding.

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Hey, you need to get new skins - your old skins will leave too much exposed base and you'll regret penny-pinching the first time you're trying to do a steepish traverse or skinning on some hard pack! The other option, which I've never tried but which apparently works well, is to slit the narrow skins down the center so that they can be spread to cover up to both edges.
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For the reasons rossi60 states, you will be much much happier with skins cut to the wider skis.
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 I got burned using my Snow Ranger skins on my B3s.  I was skiing with Doug Abromiet from the national avalanche center and really looked like a gaper.  I was tired from doing bell to bell bumps on the tele gear at Sun Valley.  Then my wifes company Christmas party that night.  Then backcountry skiing with the Avy Guru.  I was tired and hung over at the trailhead.  I couldn't keep up and on the steep icy skin track on the way back my narrow skins wouldn't work.  I skied well on the downs, but was very embarrassed on the ups.  Get skins that cover the bases.  Doug was really nice about it and even let me ski with him again.
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Will it still be a problem if I'm not hung over?

Not that that's likely.
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Originally Posted by prickly View Post

Will it still be a problem if I'm not hung over?

Not that that's likely.

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 Hung over was the frosting on the cupcake.  The skins which were not "that" narrow compared to the bases didn't work much on the steep,hard, icy skin track.  I had to bust a new one at a lower climbing angle.  Lucky for me Doug came and helped.  I was starting to cramp up after a while.  I "might" have been OK with out the hard skiing and drinking the day before.
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