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Now What Boot Guys?

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Hey All,
Many thanks and mucho gratitude for this entire site.

So I listened and read carefully to bootfitter advice and just threw down (full retail- ouch) for a pair of boots yesterday. Per Boot Guy instructions, I didn't succumb to my cheap-skate desire to buy online / discount and instead purchased them at the shop with the best bootfitter reputation in the area. Gull Ski here in Missoula, they do all the racer crowd and have a "guru" on staff.

So I purchased a pair of Nordica HR Pro 125's after trying on six or seven pairs of boots.  Also purchased Superfeet. The boots clearly were tighter and less comfortable than a few other options, but that seems to be the way to go, and the guys helping at the shop are committed to staying with me and the boot till it is right.

Yesterday we had them heat molded and they did a little bit of work on the high-density foam at the base of the boot(midsole?) in order to relieve an obvious  pain spot where the cuff of the boot was hitting the top of my foot where it joins the ankle. I left the boots with them so they could mount up some new skis and am supposed to go back next week.

So what the heck do I do next? When I go back to the shop are there some basic alignment / angle / fitting things that should be done now with my feet, the boots and the skis? Should I wear them around the house and see where hot spots flare up? Or should I simply take them home, and wait till Snowbowl opens up and start riding them and then see where the problems are going to be?

Thanks Much for your Advice! You all are my heroes!


P.S.- I'm a 80% off piste, athletic strong and fearless skier, BUT my skill level is more Expert through hard work than Expert through good form. Never raced, started skiing at 17, Stats-165, 5'-10, Foot size is 10, wide at the toes, normal arch, slight pronator,,Main skis will be Dynastar Mythic Riders.
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wait to ski them,   they are not made for walking around the house, so wont feel good for that anyways.

As long as each time you can wear them for longer, and/or with less pain, you are on the right track.

call your guru if you have spcific questions.
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