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Rossignol Bandit - 174cm VS. 182cm PLEASE ADVISE (picture of me and skis included)

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Hello Everybody,

I'm lucky owner of ROSSIGNOL BANDIT B78 SKIS (182cm) and proud of it 
I just got it from EvoGear, but I doubt that 182cm is right length for me (little too long) and one size back (of Rossi Bandit B78) is 174. So I'm very undefined about the choice that I made. I don't wanna feel myself uncomfortable on uncontrollable skis (in long make any sense). 

Please advise if it's better for me to exchange 182cm skis for 174cm and relax or stay longer ? 

About me:
Age: 23
Hight: 187cm (6.2")
Weight: 195 lbs
Terrain: Groomed slopes (Blue to Diamond tracks)
Level: Intermediate (closer to upper intermediate) Definitely not racer of twin-tip jumper 
Experience: 3 seasons (on rental Salomon skis)

Here we are (Me in center and Bandits 182cm surround me)! :-)
I like this skis, but I have feeling that they growing every day ))) Inch by inch )))
Me and Bandits

Hope to hear from you SOON because there is only 30days exchange policy and 2 weeks since DOP is gone ))
PLEASE BE HONEST - I HAVE TO KNOW THE TRUTH  ... even if it's painful 

EpicFan (I do have Epic sticker on my bumper) Peter,

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182 is better for you.
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I generally defer to Ghost's knowledge in these matters, but I am going to respectfully disagree here.  If Peterdesign is truly a third year skier and starting to explore more difficult terrain, he may get overwhelmed and frustrated by a longer ski.  PD, what length were your rental skis?  What model were they?  I would guess that a Bandit B78 is going to be a "better" ski than anything on the rental market, which can translate into better control and stability than a typical rental.  Which (for me), means that a slightly shorter ski will allow me to ski it, instead of it skiing me.  Just MHO.
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 Peter Design, 

I had the exact same question a few season ago when I was buying your same ski. Back then it was called the Rossignol Bandit B2 and had different graphics but the dimensions and characteristics are the same. I ended up going with 174 cm length. I'm 30 years old, 5'9" 159 lbs (I've been lifting so I gained some weight) a mid-level expert and I have really been happy with them. The recommendations and advice everyone gave me was really helpful: 


I think you will be okay with the 182s. I was a little apprehensive on the length when I was buying them too. Plus, given the level of skier you are I assume you will get at least somewhat better which makes the 182s a better choice. Good luck! 
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Skied the 174 B2's for several years, 54 years of experience, 5'9" 185lbs. in all conditions and they were all the ski I ever needed in all but the very deep stuff.
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 I think you could go either way.  If you were an expert I would say keep the 182 for sure.  In the end the 174 will be a bit short as you improve.  How athletic are you?  Do you have access to good instruction?  I would probably keep the skis you have as you are young and large.  I was torn last season about the 186 vs the 176 Gotoma.  I went short for teaching on, but would have liked the longer ski as well.  I'm 5'10 and 165 lbs and twice your age.
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With your height and weight I think it is borderline, but I would go with the shorter ones for you.

My son has the next size even shorter (166? I forget and I;m too lazy to go dig them out to see).  Last year he had definitely outgrown them (over 6 feet, but still skinny -- probably under 150 pounds) but we did not get around to replaceing them, and guess what -- they were fine.  So I think the 174 would be long enough for you.

The one place they were iffy was in cut-up deep powder, so we wound up demoing the day we hit that.  On everything else they were still great.

On the other hand, if you get stuck with the longer ones I think it will be ok, too.

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to: Ghost
re: thanks. sure that you know what you r suggesting

to: bbinder
re: your post assure that 174 would be better for me (at least for now)

to: wolfelot
re: thanks for link... I tried to find any similar threads but almost nothing about 182cm

to: Lars
re: your experience tells better than anything that 174 is really nice pick, but you r 5.9 (180cm) and I'm 6.15 (187cm)... seems like you r 6cm taller than your skis. Do I have to follow same properties?

to: tetonpwdrjunkie
re: I thought same way that 182 is good size to improve myself, but people around saying me that even 174 could be too long + I have Nordica SportMachine 8 Boots 65 flex. Does it make any sense?
Your question "How athletic are you?" - You could say Im 175-180lbs but Im 200lbs. Strong enough and not thin ... bit bigger than normal :)

to: mdf
re: I agree that either choice is right for me... 8cm=3" don't make HUGE difference ... but I do like to have universal skis to love and live with them ))

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I think the length is fine. Roll with it. 
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The other dimension is how long you plan to have these skis.  The 174 is the right length now, the 182 will be the right length later (as you improve).
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Hi Peter, I ski Rossi's and come in on the 174 side of the issue, though as said, both will be fine. The thing is, what do you gain now days with the longer length?  Stability at speed and edge hold on steeps. Fore and aft stability in jumps. Nothing else. And at your ability stage and days per year, guessing there, you don't have to be concerned about those three factors. You will benefit by the easier turning and larger sweet spot of the shorter ski this season.  Worry about what length for later, when later comes around.  
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 That 65 flex Nordica boot seems too weak for you.  I use the Speedmachine 14 130 flex.  I'm also an expert skier, but I'm just sayin...  That boot seems too soft for a big guy who actually skis.  I had a 85 flex Nordica for a few years and found it gutless.  I like Davluris point in the previous post.  Is it hard to switch out?  Will it cost you anything to do it?  
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Return/exchange policy on boots was just 10 days. Time is gone unfortunately. But SportMachine 8 was the only one that is very comfortable and stiff on my feet. Professional Dalbello and Lange was extremely discomfortable. So... Who need Nordica SportMachine 8 (28.5) for sale - just let me know  It's never been used ))) I'm asking $190 + shipping

Don't know ... it's so difficult to pick right equipment ... harder that the car 
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