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At my home area we have an open boundary policy.  Very few of the boundary areas are roped, & much of it borders USFS land.  We do have ski area boundary signs placed every couple of hundred feet or so.



Most of the areas outside the boundary lead into active avalanche areas.  We have daily avalanche forecasts posted as well as beacon testers at the most popular departure points.  AFAIK, it is acceptable to duck these boundary ropes to leave the ski area. 


We also have many Avalanche Control Areas within the ski area boundary.  These areas are clearly marked, roped & gated.  The signs are flipped open as the gates open.  There are signs along the roped areas that say "Enter through Gates Only".  The policy, to the best of my knowledge goes like this.  You may leave the ski area boundary at any point, as long as you are not passing through a closed avalanche control area.  It is also against the policy to re-enter the ski area through a closed avalanche control area.  Once the avalanche control areas are open, you may enter through the gates only.  You are not allowed to duck these ropes.  People who duck ropes here can & often do face criminal prosecution.


The reason for this is that avalanche control work could be being conducted at anytime when these areas are closed.  During times of heavy snowfall or changing conditions, the gates may be re-closed to do more control work.


It is never a good idea to blindly follow someone or tracks into an unknown OB area.  You may putting yourself or others below you in great danger.


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 ^^^^I'm bummed I never made it to your home resort this season I like it.Pow mow used to have at least a few people spend the night quasi lost every season didn't remember hearing of any this season Brighton would be another resort w/open boundaries policies and avvy control gates in certain areas. Solitude has open boundaries on some areas, but do control work on other areas and have gates only acess to those areas. A lot of the resorts in the Wasatch operate on FS leases and border FS land so unless the area poses danger from the possibility of slides entering into in bounds areas they shouldn't be allowed from stopping you from leaving to ski on (our) forest service land. some require you check in with patrol and agree not to renter the ski area

I like the sign they have @ revelstoke stating the # of deaths # of people who spent the night in the bc and  the cost of rescue etc.

Once again I'm not advocating breaking rules just knowing them and being prepared to face and make educated decisions. What's Jackson Holes policy now i thought they went to an open boundary or partionally open boundary.

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^SFB,  You know I am talking about Snowbasin, right? 


All of Powder Mountain & most or the adjacent area are on private property.  From what I've heard & from what I could tell from some spring tours up there is that they have roped off & closed all of their boundaries.  It kinda sucks for a lot of the local folks, but I guess they have the right.


They are trying to keep it exclusive to big money guided tours.




Powder Mountain Ski Area Boundary Policies

Powder Mountain is unique in many ways including the fact that it the resort sits
entirely on private property and does not include Forest Service land as most Utah
resorts do. Powder Mountain is unique also in that it is one of the largest skiable terrain
resorts in North America encompassing over 5,000 acres of in-bounds terrain and
2,500 acres of side country, private cat ski and tour skiing areas.
Ski area boundaries are clearly marked on trail maps and signs. High traffic areas are
additionally marked with bamboo, rope lines, and orange area boundary discs.
Powder Mountain maintains a closed out-of-bounds skiing and riding policy. Guests
who ski/ride out-of-bounds on Powder Mountain property are trespassing; putting their
own and other’s lives at risk; may be subject to Theft of Services charges; and will be
• James Peak: The popular in-bounds hike to area from Lightning Ridge to James
Peak will be open as conditions permit. Check the signs on the access ridge
and/or check with Ski Patrol. In-bound runs in this area include: Carpe Diem,
Shug’r Bowl, and Y Chute. The other areas to the west, north and east off of
James Peak are out-of-bounds and private property. Specifically the areas north
of Y Chute known as Scrapeys, west into Wolf Canyon drainage, and northwest
onto the Brown’s and Jensen property are all out of bounds. Skiers and boarders
that enter these areas are trespassing and will be subject to prosecution.
• DMI/Wolf Canyon: DMI/Wolf Canyon is closed to skiing and riding. Under very
limited and restricted conditions certain qualified individuals may be granted
limited access to enter this area. See the Mountain Adventure Center for details.
• Lefty’s, Mary’s Bowl and Gertsen Canyon: These areas are out-of-bounds and
not open to the general public. Restricted private cat skiing and group tours
utilized these areas. See the Mountain Adventure Center for information.
• Davenport Canyon Area: The Davenport drainage is out-of-bounds and private
property. Skiers and boarders that violate the property rights of the owner will be
subject to prosecution.
Thank you for your cooperation and assistance in honoring and respecting the ski area
boundaries and private property surrounding Powder Mountain Resort. Continuing to
do so will help us maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for all of our guests.
Failure to do so will result in loss of skiing/riding privileges and possible criminal



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Different country different culture. There's nothing illegal about ducking under a boundary rope in Europe, it's just that you do it at your own risk.  


If you ski down a closed piste, then have a problem which necessitates a rescue, would you be covered by your insurance?

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