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Look NX 11 Demo Binding adjustments

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I bought a set of used 2008 dynastar 4800's with demo NX 11 demo bindings from evo.  I am going to be taking them to a shop to get the bindings tested.  It is pretty easy to see how they are adjusted to fit my boot, but I was wondering how critical it was that the mid line on the boot match up exactly to the center mark on the ski.  Is 5mm off going to make any difference at all?  And for skiing on groomers would it be better to go a little in front or a little behind the center mark.  Does anyone know how to adjust the forward pressure on these?  I took a look through the manuals I was able to find by searching, but didn't see any reference to these bindings specifically. 
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1) Not critical that the mid-sole line on the ski and boot match, good place to start but not critical.
2) 5mm could make a bit of a difference, but then again maybe not.
3) Being foreword could possibly help.

So here's the deal! You have a pair of demo bindings, and you can now adjust your position on the ski to you re liking. )BTW Lou has some great info on this). It really hark-ens back to the day when we tried to install the bindings so that the ball of foot (BOF) was within a bout a CM of the running surface of the ski.

Step 1#
Put skis on a flat surface de-camber ski by pressing down on the middle of the ski.

Step 2#
Make a mark on the side of the ski where the contact begins with your flat surface at the tip and at the tail.

Step 3#
Measure the distance between the two marks and mark a mark in the middle.

Step 4#
With you re ski boots on take a hammer and tap the medial side of the shell where the ball of your foot would most likely be and make a mark on the boot shell.

Step 5#
Align the new mark on your boot with the middle of the running surface of your ski and start out there. I am betting that you will find that this will put you very close to the sweet spot for your boot and ski combo.

The beauty of the demo set up is that you can move it forward or back.

Again, Lou does a great job of explaining all this. Nothing has really changed for setting up skis, in the last 30 or 40 years except for the ASTM/DIN mid-sole mounting point, and that was introduced to limit screw pull-out and the positioning of binding mounting plates etc. With some of the new Funny Skis we may see a change, but that remains to be seen.

As far as setting the correct forward pressure, leave it up to the certified technicians.

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Great info Coup.  Thanks! 
I do plan letting techs adjust the forward pressure to right amount and then test it, but I like to understand how things work. 
If I decide to try a different position with the bindings, does the forward pressure have to get adjusted again? 
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After a little more researching and looking, it looks like the heel has to be adjusted (moving it forward or back further) so the black line lines up in the middle of the yellow indicator.  I am still taking my skis in to get looked at by a pro to make sure there isn't too much slop in the binding and to do a release test. 
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There are a lot of positions where the boot will snap into the bindings but the forward pressure will be different for each of these.  I'm not sure how those looks are, but on mine there's a little yellow marker with a line in it on the side.  As I move the rear binding forward by one notch and then put my boot in the binding I can see that little yellow marker move further and further forward and if the dash is in between the marks, you're good.  Confused yet?  It's easiest to just fiddle around with this to understand what I'm talking about.  My salomon's have marks on the back of the binding that you can look at for forward pressure adjustment.  So look at your bindings and try to find a mark as you put the boot in and take it out of the binding.  

Edit: Oh crap you seem to have answered your own question.  Oh well.
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