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Ski trip recommendation

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I'm planing a ski trip for feb. and i have a few questions,  any advice I'll appreciate it.

 we are going to be a group of aprox 25 people. I'm looking mostly at the denver are and utah area.
We have stayed many times in hotels and condos, canyons, vail cascade, montaneros, hyatt beaver creek, but I was looking more for a big house or houses, with ski in/out location and good road access.

If anyone can point me in the right direction, like what agent or agency to talk to it would be of great help.

Also presidents weekend is the 15th, and i was wondering if it would be better to go from the 17 until the 24th, or from 21-28. I don't want get trap in those president's lines.

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Snowmass has tons of ski in/out houses for rent. I would think you would need at least two. 


I don't think big lines will be an issue in Snowmass, even on presidents weekend.
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