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I have quite a few questions for those of you who know the area as well as Calgary in General. . .


My future wife (only one week to go!!) and I are planning a Honeymoon in Banff from December 12 - 19th.


We have booked a room at Hidden Ridge Resort on Tunnel mountain. Hopefully it is a good place to stay as I have not been to Banff before but that is besides the point.


I am guessing that snow and snow pack will be light this time of the year and this trip won't really focus on Skiing all that much but if you only had one or two days to ski, where would you go? If the snow is awful, we will probably skip skiing altogether. My wife will be a first time skier, any recomendations on the best place for a private or group lesson? I am guessing there are decent places to rent skis and boots, any recommended places?


If the pack is decent enough I was looking at doing the combined dog mushing, ice hiking trip. Has anyone done this? Good times?


Can any locals name their favorite trails and activities when not skiing? We are both avid outdoorspeople in good shape and I am looking for some snowshoeing or other activites. Supposedly there are some trails close to the Hidden Ridge Resort but I have yet to buy a map which leads me to another question. Where (online preferably) can I buy a good map of the national parks around Banff? I noticed that Nat. Geo does not make maps of the area.


And for my last question it is Calgary related. We are going to try and make a Flame's game while we are in town. Where is the best Hotel to stay at in relation to the stadium. Does anyone recommend any night life in Calgary or a good restaraunt?


Lots of questions I know, I appreciate any insight!!