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Intermediate Skis for Eastern Skier

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My younger brother is looking to update his ski equipment.  He is 5' 7" and 165-170 lbs.  He is an intermediate skier that only gets out about 6-10 days per year in PA and VT.  Skiing is more pure enjoyment to him ... not looking to attend lessons or improve technique much.  He is not at all fearful of terrain a bit beyond his skills, just heads down those trails in "survival mode."  Looking for something in the 68-72 waist range that will handle the eastern hardpack/ice, but has a bit more flexibility for crud or ankle-deep when he runs into it.  Softer tip is preferred for "surviving" mogul trails, but that is not primary focus.

Leftover sales are the focus, and found some of the following:

 - K2 Apache Hellfire
 - K2 Sidewinder (probably a bit wider than he wants)
 - Volkl Tiger 3Motion
 - Nordica Speed Machine Mach 1

Would love some input on these or other ideas. 

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Some ideas below.  The first is my current ski; for me they've been great as I've moved through the stages of intermediate from green to black.  I haven't tried the other three but have heard good things about them: 

Volkl AC-20 (74 waist)
Blizzard Magnum 7.6 (76 waist)
Dynastar Contact 4x4 (76 waist)
Atomic Smoke TI (76 waist)
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Thanks for the ideas.  All of these are a bit wider than he wants to go.  Would like to get something in the 68-72mm waist range.  He is coming off an old 62mm waist Head ski, so even 70-ish is a big change!  Other ideas?
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I'm sure there must be exceptions and I might be way off, but it seems to me that most skis that are that narrow in the waist are either beginner's skis or speed/racing skis. The Salomon XWing 10 is somewhere around 72mm and I almost bought it last season, but ended up with Fischer Red Heats at 74mm...a huge improvement over my 67mm Atomic starter set. I've never talked to anybody who skied the XWing I was looking at, sorry. I'm actually thinking pretty hard about getting something a bit wider this season, finances allowing.
FWIW, Ski magazine gave the Blizzard Magnum 7.6 a really great review in their intermediate category. Don't know how trustworthy that source is.
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I think the Blizzard Magnum 7.6 is a great ski ... just wider than what my brother is looking for.  I agree with your comments ... the 68-72 width intermediate skis that are not beginner/intermediate or expert/race are a bit hard to come by.  I would appreciate any ideas others have or comments on the ones I posted.

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