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Binding selection

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I'm curious as to what you look for when selecting a binding for any given ski. What characteristics does a binding have that makes it appropriate for one ski but not another?(asides from the width of the brakes) I will read people saying that binding A would be great on this ski but not on another, why is this? What about lifter plates, what is the consensus/opinion on them?

Just trying to learn a little, the ski in question is the 185 Volkl Bridge, myself-190lbs, level 7/8.

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And a question i have is what din range do you need to look for   i thought i heard somewhere that you want a max DIN no less that 2 above what you have run...     

Sorry if this is a mild hijack but thought it may apply
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You want to be at the mid point of the din range, that where aprings work best.
Lifter plate on twin tips, makes them too reactive edge to edge.
Bing have weight ranges, they work best in.
Low end binding are design to release, high end bingings a design to retain, to allow for recovery.

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It's just a little math and a little strength of materials.
The math is simple.  So long as the DIN # of any setting you are going to use (and you might move up the chart due to gaining weight, or taking up high speed skiing in no-fall zones) is within the range the binding can be set to you're good.  The binding should be able to pass a release test at any number it can be set to.

The strength of materials is not so easy.  Typically stronger more durable materials are found on higher DIN bindings.  I prefer metal to plastic, so the more metal and less plastic the better.  That being said, I'm pretty happy with my Tyrolia FF17+, despite it's abundance of moving parts and plastic (compared to the old 490).
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Well my personal question is if the  Marker Griffon being a 12 DIN is enough   according to the Din calculator i should run a 8.5   but after a pre release last year i turned it up to 9.   
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12>9.  You should be good.
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