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Killington instructor

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I am a level 6-7 skier who will be at Killington in March. Will be my first time at Killington and would like to take private lesson. Goal is to continuing improving and work towards becoming more accomplished skier.

I ski using modern technique and am looking for any recommendations, as regards a good Level III instructor at Killington.

Thanks in advance.

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Their are many fine teachers at Killington a lot depends what you like in a coach. But 2 that quickly come to mind are Steve O'Conner (head of training) Rick Svencer (low key mellow) Jon Lamb and Keith Hopkins (both more outgoing loud) All of them have been at Killington for many years and all are full certified and above. Good luck
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Jon Lamb and John McCaulay, both great instructors.
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Rick Svenser (sp?) is going for the demo team.

Tom Powers is also good.

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First choice for me is Keith "Hoser" Hopkins, my sisters' brother-in-law. I've skied with both John and Rick too. They're all great guys, great skiers and excellent Instructors.

I'll be at Killington for Spring Rally and hope to catch up with each of them.


p.s. John = John Lamb
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I second the vote for "Hoser"! The only downside may be that you will be laughing so much you will wonder if you had time to learn anything

If you want to ski like a madman and experience the mountain, look for Dick LaFontaine. I'm not sure if he's level 3.
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