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Message to Disski, Bluey, Oz and others of similar ilk

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I have been living in Spain for the past 17 years , skiing in the Pyrene├Ęs , French alps and Arlberg . My first experience of skiing was at Mt Buller in 1972 and didn't ski at all until 15 years ago . What is it like in Oz nowadays . I have a nice memory of skiing in the Snowgums but was just a rank beginner then . ( the memories of leather boots , wet woollen jumpers and gloves during a blizzard are not so nice ). I imagine things have changed a lot .
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I'm an Aussie skier. Regularly ski Perisher Blue and Thredbo. It's still great! The only place on earth where you can pick a mean line through eucalyptus trees. Nice variety of terrain, great people.

The downsides to Australian skiing (for me based in Sydney anyway) are time it takes to get to the resorts (5 hour drive), cost (shorter season = higher prices) and the elevation/length of terrain.

Having skiied Canada extensively, I truly only miss the length of the runs in the overall experience.

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Essentially I agree with Oz's comment above.

My experience is limited to the Snowy Mountain ski fields of Perisher Blue ( PB), Charlotte Pass and to a limited extent Thredbo.

However, I would also like to add that PB seems to be on the ascendency over the other ski resorts for example .....with more modern chairs and extensive snow making ( thanks to Kerry Packer having deep pockets).
PB also has 50 lifts covering the ski fields of Perisher, Smiggin Holes, Blue Cow and Guthega.
Its so big it can cater for every level of skier.

I think Thredbo has more blue/black terrain.... so it suits the higher level skier and those who like the extensive accomodation and night life options close to the snow.

If I feel lazy, I go over to Charlotte Pass ( but can still only get there via a snowcat ( 40 minutes) out of PB ) and cruise their slopes.
Charlotte tends to have better quality snow and less snowboarders.
The queues are almost non existent even in peak season.
Its more a blue level resort with some blackish runs

I haven't been to the Victorian snow fields ( eg Buller )so I can't comment on those.

Lastly, in respect to the fun factor, because the snow season is not as extensive/heavy falls of snow as in say Nth America or Europe that the terrain in Oz that you ski on is different from one month to the next.....in the early season, on some runs, you ski around large boulders etc at a resort but latter in the season, at the same resort, the boulders etc are completely covered and the terrain can therefore be less varied and not as much fun. I like to ski early in the season.


Last one down the slope is a dirty snowball!!
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When its good its good and when its crap its really, really crap. Skiing is big business now. Avoid school holidays. When a resort states 20cm they mean 20cm in sheltered hollows and blown off snot everywhere else. Persiher Blue is the pick of NSW unless the 20cm turns out to be 30cm then head to Thredbo. Hotham is the pick for Vic unless the season is really good then head to Mt. Hotham. Smiigins Holes in NSW and Falls Creek in Vic for begginers. The food has improved but the staff still think they are special. Jindabyne is a resort town now with two shopping centres and LJH is a now a complete shit hole. There are police every where on the roads and the drivers are still hopeless on snow. Getting up early is a waftam as veryone does it now. Wombats, roos and horses still rule the roads after dark and there is this new weird "sport" called snowboarding that has sucked heaps of people in.

Other than that the view remains the same and Lake Jindabyne is full and the fish healthy and fat.

Australian skiers now invade Canada in vast numbers each northern winter and think this is something special.

Oz :

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