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Looking to pick up some beginner skis

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I didn't see an introduction thread, so I hope I'm not doing wrong by already creating a thread. 

I am 5'7'' 160lbs and looking for some good beginner skiis.  Being from Tennessee, I have only skiied in Utah once for a week, and at a local (terrible) slope in Gatlinburg a handfull of times.  This season I hope to take a couple weekend trips as well as going to our local spot quite a few times.

I figured I'd save a good bit of cash on rentals while at the same time have some reliable gear for the upcoming season by buying my own.  i found some helpful links online that listed some gear that I have checked out.  I've come to the conclusion that I'm not knowledgable enough to buy used, but being in Tennssee I do not really have the oppurtunity to demo any skiis.

We have a local ski shop with outragous prices, I can't see myself buying from this guy at all (except I'll probably go there for boots).  So without being able to see or demo skiis online, should i even consider buying them? 

So far the ones that seemed to fit me the most are the Elan Mag 4 that come in at $249 shipped w/ binding www.skis.com/mens-skis-with-bindings/c1000003357/elan-mag-4-skis-with-el-100-tmd-bindings-2009-p147410.html

Just looking for advice on what anyone thinks.  Like I said I'm still pretty new, and buying skiis I've never seen or used online is a scary idea for me.

Thanks for any help,

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As it seems like you realize, the boots are the most important piece to get in person.  Any chance you can get to Utah again this season?  It will help if you see an experienced fitter - I don't mean to offend all you southern bootfitters out there :)  How often do you expect to get out this season and next where you think the amount you're going to save by buying will be worth buying?  At your level, I think the boots are more important than the skis, so if you need to continue to rent until you get a chance to demo the skis, it wouldn't be the worst thing.
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Get a ski like the one you got your eyes on for your local area you intend to ski at the most. When you go out west or north demo something that suits that destination. If you got money to burn I'd get a fairly skinny ski (68 to 78)for at home and something 50% wider (100 or more)to ski in Utah on.

Boots are your most important and and most personally fitted equipment. Skis are available that will suit you are many and less important to your comfort . The only boots that fit you may be the ones they  alter to fit to your foot. Use the local hill  to get the feel of them and the  local shop to get them fitted and adjusted properly . It probably will take a few  trips or more to get them the way you want them but once you do you will be happy you took the time .
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If you are near Memphis there is a great shop next to  CORKY'S,
Outdoors Inc 5245 Poplar Ave, Memphis, TN 38119
If you don't fine any gear you want there, just go next door, the food a Corky's is the best

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