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Newsletter 10/6/09

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First Flake Fever 

BigSkyParadise complains that he's Going a Little Crazy Here: "Every time I walk past my skis leaning up against the wall or see my brand new boots sitting there, I get sick with anticipation for the season to start. It's never been this bad for me." kramgunderson can empathize: "It hit me about 2 weeks ago.  I've been researching new skis and ski destinations nonstop.  My wife came home the other day to find me in full ski gear (helmet and goggles and everything).  She just turned around and walked away laughing." JMD diagnosed their ailment as: "...FIRST FLAKE FEVER. The good news is they start making snow this Wednesday at Loveland and A-Basin Colorado. We start skiing the WROD in three weeks."

Survey Says
Thanks to the 658 members who participated in the EpicSki Survey and congratulations to rrm512 who won the $100 gift certificate at The survey confirmed that EpicSki members are hardcore skiers: 65% have been skiing 20+ years; 31% ski 20-40 days/season; 29% ski 40+ days/season, and 92% are Level 7 skiers or above. 

End of an Era
The Winter Park ski train is closing after 69 years

Wags reports, "It's been sold to a Canadian company and won't be operating in Colorado. Kind of sad, I never took it, but it was cool to see it in the morning and then during apres and hear the whistle. The train line is basically why Winter Park is located where it is."

Skiing News
Reports of Moonlight Basin's demise have been premature. The latest word from Big Sky is that they're still hiring employees and intend to operate 100% this season.

The rumor that MRG might allow snowboarding this year was fueled by the Triple Major Pass. "I know a fellow instructor who is a freshman at UVM this semester, and she's a snowboarder," said freeski219. "She's buying the Triple Major pass (Jay, MRG, Bolton Valley) with full knowledge that they'll only be able to use it at two of the mountains."

Bode Miller will compete in the Vancouver Olympics February 2010.

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This is copy for the upcoming newsletter, sponsored by Columbia. 
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