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Boot Fitters in New Jersey ( and related questions)

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Does anybody know any good boot fitters in New Jersey?
This past March, I Went to a boot fitter at a Surfoot at the Canyons.  The boot I was using was a 2 year old nonfitted Atomic B80. They made a custom footbed and some minor adjustments to the shell, and things were better overall.  However I think one footbed is a little to high, because I feel like one leg is longer than the other when I am standing still.

A second question ( I'm not sure if I should post this seperately, or under general gear discussion):   Before I bought these Atomics, I had a pair of Salomon teneighty boots. At the time I went to the store like an idiot and asked them for a new boot because the other didn't fit.  Now that I look at the two boots, it looks like the Atomics have been used for 10 years instead of two ( the plastic is shredding off everywhere includiing the areas that click into the bindings.  The older boots only have a couple of little scuffs and it looks the material is a lot more durable.  Also when I get into each boot and flex forward, it looks like the top of the foot area buckles in the atomics more so than the Salomons.  I went into the FAQ section here and tried out the Boot shell fitting criteria.  both boots fall into the middle of the acceptable range.  After all of the that rambling, my question is, could I have my footbeds adjusted, and transfered to my old boots and have them examined and adjusted.   Does anybody know if the Atomic boots that I have use crappy plastic, and would that have any affect on performance?

Thanks in advance for any advise and sorry for rambling
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foot beds are moveable no problem.   Remove the stock footbed from the salomon first and put in the custom and see how it feels.

NO idea about atomic plastic.   I have not sold them, but have not seen many come into my store trashed.

check under the footbed, and under the liner to see if any extra shims or heel lifts are added?   if one feels to tall, either get that footbed made thinner, or raise the other foot up a bit untill you feel balanced.
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willy @ ski barn paramus NJ.

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Greg at Heino's Pequannock,N.J. 973-696-3044
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as for atomic plastic..... the B 80 is a pretty low end boot and as such is not a high quality plastic...get to the B90 and above and you are then in a decent PU
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Thanks for the input so far
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