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Hittin' "The October Patch" In September - An End-Of-The-Month TR Pictorial

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Not much can beat hiking 3-to-4 miles (one way) on a sunny day in upper 70-to-lower-80 degree weather and ending up at a solid patch of summer snow in the Sierras. 

My buddy Stev and I hit up "The October Patch" on Saturday off Carson Pass/HWY 88 and above Roundtop Lake. The snow was suprisingly good for this late in the year and the patch was pretty decent, especially given that when we skied the very same area Labor Day 2007 the same patch was only about the length of the average suburban driveway (in comparison, last year we squeezed 3-5 turns out of the patch. This year we squeezed 7 to 11 turns easily).

We lapped the patch a total of 5 times, after grubbing on some of my home made jalapeno/fresno chili and Chinese water spinach pesto topped whole wheat pizza with mozzerella stuffed crust and dried banana wrapped coconut chocolate (yeah, we go crazy gourmet when we hike for turns).

Enjoy the photos!

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 Hit up the October Patch today (Sunday Oct. 4th). Over 2" of fresh had fallen over night, so the 3 mile hike in was an early winter wonderland. The Patch itself was filled in, but it was fresh over ice, so not the most optimal of conditions, but still was super sweet to be out and about in 22 degree weather with snow falling and an early start to the season. Pix to follow shortly.
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Great stuff.....not an option here in the East. Looks like you hit it before the groomer came through .
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 ah, but here's something you ECers can do that most of us WCers can't: Junkboarding


 now never having skied East of the Rockies, i was unaware that some resorts in your neck of the woods practice manicuring their runs, thus getting rid of "sharks" and other sharp obstacles that can jump out of light snow cover and wreck your skis (and knees). not sure if Junkboarding would work too well out here at resorts like Squaw or Alpine Meadows where even the groomers can have deadly hidden objects lurking underneath freshly fallen, early season snow. but still, Junkboarding looks like a blast if you can find that golf course-styled grass groomer with just enough frost/early season snow ladled on top to create a slick surface for sliding turns.
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That looks like an early-season powder day here in the GNE. Some of our "resorts" will open up terrain as skiable that doesn't look much different. And to think that there's actually hoards of folks who'll PAY to do that.
Great vid!!!

(You guys rock, gotta admire your dedication)
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