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Sultans vs. PE

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OK, I'm a Dynastar lover; I own Contact 10s, 4800s, and 8000s.  My spring skis are PEs and they're great for that purpose.  I find them hooky in powder but I'm gonna re-evaluate that this year.  I got the 174s and I think I should have gone longer now.  I'm 5' 11" 185 lbs.

Can anyone compare the PEs to the Sultans? Waist width is the same but I'd like to hear the performance differences.  As someone said recently in another thread 85 is a fantastic waist width, especially if you ski both coasts.
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When folks come into our store in Tahoe and the ask for the "all mountain" ski......85mm is where we start the discussion. We may end up wider or narrower depending on the intended usage, but that is sort of home base for making a selection. So....good choice there.

Sultan 85 is better on hard snow, more powerful in crud or heavy snow, more stable.
The Extreme is more playful, better in bumps, and cheaper.

The proper comparison between the two would be the Sultan 85 in a 178 vs. the Extreme in a 184.

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SJ, I live in NH and mostly ski Maine but I made my first trip to Tahoe last year.  Wish I'd made a point to visit your shop.  I took the PEs (it was April) and they were perfect for conditions.  I'll hit your place next time...
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 I own both skis, and I'd have to agree with SJ's description.
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