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S. Lake Tahoe Bootfitter?

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Does anyone know of any good south lake tahoe bootfitters? I would like to go up to see the Elite Feet guys up at squaw, but i ski at kirkwood and it's not super-easy for me to get up north. Is there anyone good at the south end of the lake, or are the guys at squaw good enough that it'd really be worth the round trip? And a related question: will the bootfitter deal with things like binding cants and such or are they just concentrated on getting your foot well positioned in your boot?
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Don't know the south shore too well, but a good bootfitter is worth seaching for. As far as boot balancing, most shops don't mess with it yet. It just takes alot of time and knowlege that most shop guys don't spend enough time in the industry to master. If your looking for boot balancing, a friend of mine in truckee does a great job out of his house. He did bootfitting and alignment on the world cup, and he definitly knows his stuff. If you want a contact email, pm me and we'll get it to you.

Cheers, Holiday
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