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Originally posted by nolo:
Just out of curiosity, Bob, would you be interested in skiing on pavement in the off-season--on Harb's invention or something like it--or is the presence of snow key to the experience for you?
Funny you should mention that...

There is a geological formation in southwestern Wyoming that just begs to be skied. It's a very arid, eroded series of blue-tinted, rounded knobs east and south of Evanston about 40 miles. I don't have any idea what kind of rock it is - I'm not good with the names of rocks - but it's kind of a flaking-off sort of stuff.

Some of the shoulders are quite steep and *look*, from the road, to be relatively smooth. Every time I've driven by there, I've wished I had a pair of junk skis to give it a try. I've watched AltaSkier make turns down much worse-looking gravel beds (barely, and I mean bearly, covered with snow) at Snowbird.

One of these days I'm going to ski that stuff. I *have* skied sand dunes and it's a blast.

I haven't read that post about Harb's new thing, but now that I know it involves goof-ball skiing I'll take a look.

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Re: Polish Turns,

Easy PM, I'm 100% Polish. [img]smile.gif[/img]

I guess I'm a lot less analytical and metaphysical than most posters here. On most of my first day out, I extend what Helluva Skier does - I ski my first 10 runs or so with my boots totally unbuckled. Since my first day is usually on blue cruisers in the Mid-Atlantic, it's not too dangerous or awkward. It's the best way for me to find the sweet spot of the skis, find a center of balance, feel the snow, and let the skis do what they want to do. You can't jam your skis to force a turn with your boots unbuckled. You get immediate correction of bad habits. Pavlov!

Caveat: I play ice/roller hockey at least twice a week year round, so I'm pretty used to sliding around and moving at high speed.
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first day back on the snow - all the excitement does become jitters... it's not fear... it's not embarrassment... I think it's the pent-up excitement from 6 months of not skiing!!

you really want to know what my first day is like? oh man... I remember last year's... we all went to Sugarloaf for Bluesfest/Demo weekend. I know a bunch of really good skiers, almost all guys... one guy here said "just bomb it" and that's what my friends do!!

I ski along behind them catching edges, almost falling, not quite fast enough, in the back seat, etc... oh and the cussing! I'm swearing at myself the whole way down. I know I should just have fun, but I also managed to get pissed off at myself. *shrug*

this year I have a new idea: work out like crazy. I have been doing a fairly intense workout program and am hopeful that it will mean that I have the strength and endurance to "just bomb it"... I can check back and let you know how it goes... I'm slated to hit Sugarloaf again this year with 12 of my friends - December 5-7th.

(BTW - if you live within driving distance of the Loaf - that weekend is a fun time... we got 2 night's lodging, 2 day lift tickets, free demos sat and sun, and 2 free lessons for $133 per person!!! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] )

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