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More video to pick apart...

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If you can.
Not that my skiing is perfect, far from it.
But the video quality is poor, and taken from too far to see everything needed for a good evaluation, I think.
Let's say that after having downloaded so many videos and pictures of the Bears, I think it's time to give something of myself.
The video was taken this season, during the w/e I and the family spent at Galtuer,so it's an actual indication of how I do normally ski.
The complete movie

Thank you and enjoy the video.

Edit, my apologies, I got the URL should be correct now

Edited again.... I am sorry, but I messed up the video, the chunks with music shouldn't be there, or could lead to copyright problems, isn't it.
Off to ski (in search for snow, that is) now.
I'll try to put online the two chunks again tonight, without the music.

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is this in the "FORBIDDEN TO RYAN" format? i can't see anything but a WRONG WAY sign.
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ryan, try to download the video, instead of watching it online...

BTW, I've seen in the evening news reports of a commuter train crash in Los Angeles
today (or yesterday, news from California come in a little bit delayed on our news programs...)
Being a commuter myself, cannot say anything other than, ouch!
I'm sorry for those poor people.
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Right click on the link, hit "copy shortcut", then paste it into your address bar.
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For some reason, the skiing looks even better with the music. Wow!
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Very nice skiing, M. wish i were that fluid.

(and yes, re trains. two, head-on. couple deaths, hundreds hurt. a "switching" problem, i understand.)
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Milesb, thank you.
Alas I'm going to have to remove the two chunks
and leave only the big file.
Somehow I messed up and put online the versions with music as soundtrack.
JFYI, the music, is a part of "Sultans of swing" from the Dire Straits.
A thread LM started a while ago was, "which music is your skiing", or something of that sort,
and I replied that when skiing, the music in my head was that song from the Dire Straits, so, once I got me taped, I wanted to "see" the effect of combining my skiing with the song...
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Matteo- could not get it? said I did not have permission? Maybe your telling me something
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Has something to do with the configuration of his ISP. If you right click on the link and then "save target as" you can download the file then view it. The file name is 0.mpg

I may grab it and post it on my server so we don't have this issue. I'll work with Matteo on this.

[ April 25, 2002, 02:42 PM: Message edited by: dchan ]
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dchan is right, the only possibility is to download the file with right click, and watch it offline.
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What has been said in other posts gave me the idea for questions.
For those who have seen and for those who will watch the video:
-How whould you "classify" my stance
Feet locked
-Do you think that I fulfill what Paul (SCSA) puts down as "elegant"?
-What about technique? Is it non-existent?
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Matteo, your stance and skiing looks natural for you, you look comfortable in the short and long turns (who said "Jetzt legt er sich gleich lang? ) Nice voice.

You don't need to worry about a thing. (don't worry, be happy).

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Ott, I was not worried.
I was courious to "hear" how my stance would have been "read" from people skiing half a world away.
After all the "talking" of narrow vs wide, elegance vs non-elegance and so on, I got courious.
Well, the way I feel, when skiing, is exactly what
you said. Natural. Feet are more or less hip wide
placed. It took me a while to reach that.
During the '80 I was a "feet locked toghether" type of sier (my boots of that time can testimony that). I got a lot of "heat" from my uncles for that. Then I wanted to go further, and the change happened without me noticing, I just kept skiing, observing others, skiing, skiing, talking to other skiers. And now Epicski. I stopped taking lessons more or less at 17, after more than 11 yrs of attending ski schools for at least a whole week every season (mostly in SüdTirol, that also can be seen in my skiing, the style is close to the Austrian, had I taken lessons in my region, I would be skiing slightly differently) .
Ah, the voice, she's Antje, a friend.
As I said, we were at Galtür with friends, Antje and Steffen, and their two children (who are btw circa of the same age of ours) My wife, Anke, was playing camerawoman, and if you look closely, just before Antje comments, you can notice a slight opening of my skis, I lost for a second my balance, and it looked like I was going to do a face plant, hence Antje comment. Imagine, It's the first time in about 20 years that I am video recorded while skiing, and I'm going faceplant. Half the world would have gone ROFLMAO
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Those short turns when the video starts looked real nice - and real pretty too (pretty counts a bunch with me). Also, your pole plants looked like they were timed correctly - pole plant, then release.

I really like your style, way to go!
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And who said elegance in skiing was dead! Matteo, that truly was Sultans of Swing!

BTW, the thread was "If Your Skiing Could Be Described as a Song".
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To all of you.
Thanks, I'm really embarassed. [img]redface.gif[/img]
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Hey M@tteo,

Looks really smooth and natural. I like to look at a person's stance and you look like your right in the middle of the ski and on your toes. The feet look like they are a comfortable width apart. Looks like you were putting some power into the short turns. Nice job!

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Matteo- I was finaly able to veiw your video, NICE Skiing!

Although the video is from a distance here are my observations.

Short turns: With out knowing what you want to accomplish in these it is hard to give feedback. Here are my observations: Very dynamic, stance looks centered to maybe slightly forward. I say this because in your short turns the tail of your ski travels further out and does not follow the tip ending up with a more of an edge set. The pressure is heavy at the end of the turn. This could be your intent. You are a strong skier so I would have you try to release the pressure soon and allow the ski's to pass more thru the end of the turn into the next turn allow the tail to follow the tip thru out and a much rounder smoother turn.

Long turns: Looks like you are moving fast and staying with the skis thru out the turn. I would look for you to keep the legs moving to absorb terrain and keep tipping to create a controled arc. It looks like you are riding the ski and become static in this turn. Once agian this could be your intent. It is very good skiing!
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Nice turns. Hope we can make some together some time.
Is that a Conte hat like the 92 Italian Team wore? I have one somewhere. :
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brsmu80: Thanks [img]redface.gif[/img]
Todo: you are asking me a very good question.
In fact I've spent a lot of my past free time, thinking about it.
What did I want to accomplish?
Going from point A (top) from point B (bottom)
Seriously speaking now, I had nothing particular in mind other than trying different turns/speeds.
As Ott has seen, I was just varying the radii to see werther I was comfortable with the different possibilities.
Usually I make the first kind of turns when:
a- a slope is too crowded
b-too narrow
Obviously I change to the second set whenever the slope allows me (open, unpopulated, or with clear views).
Thanks Todo, I know it must have been difficult to do an MA, with the object being so small...
I'll think over your question again, because it set my mind spinnig for an answer.
But usually, when I ski, my mind is empty, I don't conciously think, I just do...
Slatz: yes, that's a Conte hat from 19901-92.
Our conversation reminded me that somewhere I had one of those, so I went hunting for it, when we decided to go skiing.
Unfortunately, the hat let my ears off, and the Sun was fierce...hence the second day I had two tomatoes instead of the customary hearing devices!

dchan, I did not answered you offer, but it's a generous one, so, if you still agree with it, and someone wishes to quickly download the video, feel free to put it onto your site!

[ May 04, 2002, 05:30 AM: Message edited by: M@tteo ]
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OK. got my server on line.

Let's see how this works.

Please note this is on a test server so if it is not online all the time there is a good chance I'm rebooting or testing something.

Matteo's Video

[ November 05, 2002, 08:35 AM: Message edited by: dchan ]
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Hmm, not seeing any movement. All I see is a photo. A nice photo, but just a photo.
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The logs show that your browser is using Windows media player. Which "photo" do you see. you are either getting the first frame (picture of a hill and a couple of skiers from far away) or the last frame (filled with a picture of Matteo). There is probably a "play button" on the windows media player.
I'm also showing that someone tried from your location last night and today. Were both attempts from you or did Mark try also.
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