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how was your season?

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Wow! It's April, and for me, that means the end of the eat, sleep and breathe skiing cycle. My "summer" job started today...

But it's been one amazing season for us, even if I got fatter, not fitter. We had gobs of powder days, lots of sun, not too many long cold spells.

The collection of nagging injuries that piled up finally might get a chance to heal if I can learn to act my age on my mountain bike. Might have to become a roadie!

Overall, I give this one a solid A+, and although I am now just like all the other weekend warriors, the best of spring is still to come, so I'll get me some more before it's over... but we all know it's never really over!

So, how was yours? Still going? What's up for summer?
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Still going here in Colorado, IHTS, although with the warm weather we've been having, and the Colorado snowpack at just over 50% of average, I think our spring season will be one of the shortest in a long time.

It will be a while before the backcountry snow melts and the mud firms up enough to allow much real mountain biking. Many of the paved bike paths are pretty clear already, and road bikes are starting to hit the streets.

With so little water in the snowpack, I fear that Colorado's whitewater will be dismal this summer. It will still be fun, but I'll bet we don't see much high water at all, and the season for paddling many of our rivers will be short.

But...we'll still be skiing for at least a month!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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It was a great season.

But...2 maybe 3 more weekends!

I learned I could be an instructor, and I hopefully brought some joy and smiles of discovery to some people, I got my level 1 cert, and met lots of great new friends and skiers.
I got a chance to meet some and learn from all the epicski gang.

And I think my skiing has gotten better and I sure enjoyed the journey..

And I'm still married [img]smile.gif[/img] the journey has taught me much and my wife even said if I finish some of those projects I promised her I can do it again next year!
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Well, New England was not too impressive. I hear its better now, but every weekend I've had professional workshops.

But the week and a half in the Canadian Rockies was awesome, although trying to ski powder was like learning from scratch all over again!
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Great season for me, too!! I had the pleasure of spending a week at Jackson Hole and 4 days in Summit County -- both new experiences for me and excellent skiing. In addition, we've had an amazing winter here at my home mountain, Mt. Bachelor. As of today, the mid-mountain snowpack remains at 148 inches, so I'm looking forward to another 2 months of wonderful spring conditions. Plus, I discovered this site, which I've found unbelievably educational, as well as a way to meet some really great Bears.

Plans for summer? Well, I guess it's back to the standbys of hanging out with my best pal (my wife), trout fishing, backpacking, biking, and watching my daughter continue to discover the joys of being outside. Oh, yeah, and there is always the preliminary planning for next season's trips....
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Kind of a disappointing season. It started off great, with seven feet of snow by Xmas, but never got over a ten foot base. Oh well, we still probably have 2 months of skiing left on the hill, and the backcountry should be great for about the same. I leave tomorrow for the alps, and will probably not be needed on at ski school when I get back. Looks like I will have about 5 weeks of Eastside corn after I get home. The best skiing of the year should be ahead, when Tioga Pass opens to the park entrance. 117 ski days and counting...
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still a Mammoth weekend (next month) to go, then on the road bike for serious mileage this summer. the progress i made this year - took a lesson in december and managed to get a few consecutive-day trips in - has me very motivated to get in shape (and turning 40) and become better friends with my rollerblades.
got to ski with miles b, and utah 49 for the first time.
took a lesson that helped me a lot.
haven't completely enjoyed getting totally shut out at baldy this year.
BUT will ski in may for the first time.
colorado ski trip fell through but a tahoe weekend fell in my lap.(realize now that i need to pay more mid-winter visits to my uncle's in placerville.)
no injuries.
had a few nice chats on the chairlift.
and learned to ski powder.
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Slammin' early season- two huge powder days at Jay on 1/1 and 1/2- tore it up for a while, then tore an MCL in Jackson late February. Discovered late March that you can ski without an MCL. Got 50" over 5 days in VT two weeks ago for an epic weekend, followed by real 100% open 50-degree-plus spring skiing. Jay announces they'll be open until April 28th.
It ain't over yet, baby.
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The season is still going in the PNW.
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Great season,i still have next weekend for resort skiing(and it´s gonna dump 50cm in the Pyrenees) and 15-20 days of alpine touring in spring corn.
I learned a lot,changed over to the "new" technique(with a lot of grumbling though).
This summer:a week in Tignes for some poles training(i´ve never raced).
All in all my best season!.
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Season hasn't quite ended for me either. Alta plans to stay open through the last weekend of the month and Snowbird I am sure will be open into May. I didn't get out as much as usual this season, maybe have in 35 days, but they were quality. Lost my best ski buddy to a torn ACL early in the season so I skied with my girlfriend a lot. It was nice to ski with somebody who I care a lot about, but I am also looking forward to skiing with the guys again next season. I skied very well when I was out this year, and I am now pulling of some things that I look back at with awe. I have gotten very comfortable at speed in tight steeps this season, but I still have room for learning more. Never stop improving! Next year I would like to be better conditioned before season begins, so drylands start now.

This summer will hold many great adventures for me. I plan to continue my usual hiking 3 weekends a month into the backcountry with some canyon exploring in Southern Utah and Arizona. Probably get back onto the bikes again as well. Also, I have a new dog, Corbet, that will need a lot of my attention.

But again, season is not quite over, so I'll see you on the slopes!
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My season was short but sweet. I finally got my boot problems undercontrol thanks to GMOL. I only skiied 15 days, and the first 3 hardly count as they involved a lot of boot fitting and the worst Vermont conditions in 15 years. Tha last 12 were all in Austria with family and friends and the best powder and firn snow I've ever seen. I also learned that with boots that fit properly my Bandit XXXs are much better skis than I thought.

Next season will be much longer and hopefully just as sweet if not sweeter. I'm already looking forward to that first issue of Powder in August. It's the best if you save it 'til after mowing the lawn and consume it with an ice cold beer.
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I think my season has come to an end as well. I just did my last few days of skiing in Tremblant (Easter weekend) as everything is already closed here in Ontario, Canada. I managed 31 days this year, which is reasonable, I guess.

This was the warmest winter ever recorded here and the skiing in November and December was pathetic ( I only managed 2 days in Nov and 7 days in Dec). On the positive side I had no injuries despite some hard skiing, I enjoyed every second on snow and I experienced real powder.
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Alas, my Teaching season has "ended". Sugarbowl just did another round of cuts to end the season in the Mountain Sports learning center. Mike has invited me to keep skiing and join a few clinics but no more formal teaching this season. It was a great year and I look forward to more next year.

I'll still be thinking about my season and as I go through all my notes you can be sure I'll still be asking questions of all you more experienced instructors and students for suggestions and comments on many of my lessons.. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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How was my season ???? mmmmmm

Fantastic all things aside. After Sept 11 it was a big decision to proceed to the USA. Glad I did. After 10 yrs out of the business I was welcomed into a very friendly SS (Lionshead) run by a very professional company (Vail Resorts). Old friendships where renewed and new ones made from all round the globe. There was some some money made by all and if all clients that said "see you next year" come back next year will be even better. Even though I busted a kidney (all clear now) the upside was the injury opened up the opportunity to be a "supervisor assist" which was lots fo fun and just as I remember from my Oz SS manangement days in the 80s.

The snow cover was just right all season, the weather, though cold, had lots of sunshine and I managed to free ski alone on the only two really good pow days of the season. Met some nice girls, had a few good drinks, shared a crappy staff flat with a real nice guy from North Carolina, helped a few colleagues with some personal issues, skied with some bears at Copper and had one excellent ski day with that crazy guy SCSA and his mate. Generally my season was calm relaxed, friendly and very enjoyable.

Best of all I found that I could still "cut the mustard" with the young guys and that 180 shaped skis turn by themselves when you say "tip". Thank you to all the Epic experts for the tips and thought paths to follow.

Next year will be a "PSIA in the fold" training year to make sure the "new style" turns become automatic and the feet think for themselves in the currently prescribed manner.

Back in Oz today the surf was small but very clean and warm, the sun was out, the air humid (stark contrast to Colorado dry) and the my boy Jack meister blitzed the school cross country to set a new 8yrs record and gain a place in the state carnival.

Life is good. I hope for you all a very excellent spring ski and smooth relaxed summer.

Thanks for having me over and letting me contribute all I could. Utah via Vail in 2003.

Oz :
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We got lucky this season. With the Sept attacks, it was reasonable to expect the season to collapse. It is it is, we'll finish very close to last season's numbers. This means that overall, our pros haven't taken the hit they could have given the situation. However, I'd like to see it pick up in the future, because I hate to see hungry ski instructors.

I'm optimistic for next year, because I think skiing is popular again, and I think there is a big enough population of youngsters to sustain it. (But I'm always optimistic. It feels better.)

My year was tough. I felt I was really ready to fix my skiing, but a sore knee kept my snow time at a minimum.

Lastly, I really have to say that I'm extremely proud to work with our pros in the Ski & Snowboard Schools of Aspen. In a tough season, they maintained attitude, trained a lot, and did a really amazing job with their guests.

and none of our pros wear stretch pants!
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Hey gang (puns intended),

Well, ski season is just about over for me. I'm training with HH next week. That's right folks, yours truly is going to get certified in HH's system.

And BTW, I don't care if that's all it ever becomes known for, being "HH's system". He's as fine a man as I've ever met and I'm as proud as a "hooker with new shoes" to know PMTS.

And, I'm not getting certified in the gang. Pardon me for any temporary moments of insanity. Jeez. What the hell was I thinking!

Anyway, I had a great year and I hope you all did too. I met some really great people.

Many thanks, cheers, peace and love, hugs and kisses, and talk to you, to:
Lisa and Mark Mark
Powdigger and Associates
bong and company
The rest of the Colorado Bears Gathering crew
The rest of the Fernie crew

Many thanks to my buddy HeelPusher. Who, really is a heel pusher, and also is constantly on my heels. Without him, I never would have learned to ski trees and therefore, leave them alone. He also pushes me. The guy can do laps on Grouse, all day, without stopping. My kind of guy!

Big butt farts go out to:
R not Guy
Your highniss
Anyone else here who goes out their way to criticize HH and Diana, or is generally not supportive of the alternative ski instruction movement. Entrepreneurs like them are what makes America tick and without them nothing would ever move forward.

These fine folks are already changing the landscape of ski instruction and are truly an intangible asset to the industry. Years from now when students start leaving the slopes with a book and a video, instead of a pat on the back, it'll all track back to HH and Diana.

The fact that someone had the courage to come along and challenge ski instruction, the way HH and Diana have, speaks volumes.

All because of them:
Someone got mad.
Someone else listened.
Emails got forwarded to the right people.
People started to read what's being said in forums like this one.

People started to think.

All because of them.

Bottom line? The ski instruction product improved and will continue to improve. Heck. If it keeps up, maybe ski instructors will start to make the money they deserve! Now wouldn't that be something!

I know one thing I've learned about skiing this year is that it really is a bunch of cliques, or, little "gangs". It always has been and probably always will be, which is groovy, because my treehouse can only fit 5 people.

It really was a great year of skiing, and, injury free - knocking on wood (my head ).

My big thing for this summer will be fitness. A little less cardio and more stretching and wellness stuff; the ball, Pilates, whatever I fall in love with. I'll be 43 and I'm starting to feel some aches and pains. Exercising just isn't enough for me. Got to do more "body stuff".

Another big thing for this summer is work. Oh yeah, that "w" word. Well, I really don't consider what I do to be work - I think of it more as my art. I just wish I could tell that to the stuffy Republicans I deal with. Or, that when I do, they wouldn't stare back at me with the, "This guy is a wacko" look. So, not that anyone would want to, but if you need to contact me, PM's will be the best.

Really looking forward to next year.

And the year after that, and the year after that.....

So way to go gang - you guys are the best! My advice is that you take some time to celebrate, then start working on next year! November will be here before you know it.


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SCSA, you go for it! PMTS, PSIA Austrian, Canadian or French, the system doesn't matter but you will not really appreciate the skill of skiing until you teach it.

It is much harder to spend a day going back to basics with a class than to learn some new advanced movement yourself.

After that, skiing is just skiing

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Okay, SCSA, this might not have been the most "active" of my measily 3 seasons, but you just gave it some value.

I managed to:

Talk SCSA into training to TEACH PMTS

Try Pilates and Stability Ball work!

HAPPY! [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] :
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I have said this ad infinitum. I have always supported your skiing at this forum. I think what you have done in several seasons is admirable. You are a good skier.

I disagree with SOME ot the teachings of PMTS. In fact, all I know is hearsay and based upon reading one text.

I don't think you can find where I have ever said anything negative about the personalities of HH or Diana. I have only met them twice and have found them to be very nice people. I can be critical of some of what they teach, however, that is not being critical of either as individuals.

You have been critical of PSIA and our teachings. Some of what you say I am in total agreement with. Don't become angry. There are things we agree with and things we disagree with.

You have said in a private message that I dislike you. That is not the case. I have always found you to be a great guy. I simply don't like or agree with everything you say. I also don't like to compete when I ski. I like to discuss technique when I ski.

I would enjoy the opportunity to ski with you again soon. If I have angered you I'm sorry. Simply stated, I see no need for obscenities or insults. I won't do that and ask you in a public forum to stop as well.

I'm skiing in the next couple of days with a PMTS and PSIA cert. You are welcome to join us. I would enjoy seeing you again.

Send me a p.m. if you can get away. The whole ski trip may fall apart at the last minute due to a potential meeting I need to attend in Cincinnati.

Peace, your friend

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Right now, my focus is to pass the PMTS test. Once I do, I'd love to hang out and ski. If I don't, and that's a real possibility given how tough HH is, you may never hear from me again.

Anyway, just ski and have fun - no dogma.

BTW folks, my old buddy Barnes is a great skier. The guy has nice turns and can really rip. He certainly belongs where he is.

Lisa dahling,
You're a real influence and you speak with straight tongue. When I see you next year (if not sooner), I'm already looking forward to demonstrating my new "thangs".

Folks, all I can say is that being fit is a big key - to anything in life, not just sports! And, being fit does not mean driving around town in your SUV with the windows down!

Yes Lisa, I'm going to get certified in PMTS. I may never teach a lesson - but that's probably my best reason "why" to do it. But I need to quit talking about it because it's making me nervous. I'm terrible at tests. :


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What Ott said.


I too am going to work more on balance and core strength. I think it just may be the key for us over 40s to stay ahead of the pack.

Rusty & SCSA

You are both singing the same song ... requires more work on the lyrics though. Besides we all need people to disagree with so our ideas have clarity. What would the world be if we all had the same personality.


I agree with your optimism. I think skiing is popular again for many many reasons. One in particular is the maturing of boarding and skiing into very similar animals. i.e. equipment that caters for the differences in age, strength & attitude and so allows all the family to enjoy the mounatins together. inc the racing and competitive arenas. (dad\mom takes junior to snowboard school and so are once again involved in skiing) I know that enrollments for Little Athletics in Oz doubled the season after the Oz Summer Olympics. What will 3 snowboard gold medals do for junior encouraging the family to head to the mountains ... and most mums\dads prefer two skis.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]

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Hi All,

Along with Weems, I think our season went okay considering the events of 9/11. I wasn't aware of the numbers that Weems has seen, but I'm sure we were close to last season like he says. Even though it was close number wise to last season, I think there were still some of us that didn't make the living that we had hoped for when we started. This said, I'm hoping for next season, that the people come in groves. I've been doing this for a long time, and I can remember when there were hundreds that showed up for lessons every morning. IMHO, the high cost of lessons these days might just be one of the culprits. If our ski schools would reduce the prices a bit, I think that there would be more folks interested in getting a lesson. With more pros working, the school makes more money in the long run and with more of us working the more we feel like .

I would love to see a low priced ski week package offered at my ski school. In our Beginner's Magic Program, I think the price is great for a days lesson. Lift, lesson and equipment for the day at just over a C note. What a deal! But I would really like to see a five day beginner's program with the same price structure of our one day lesson offered. I would also really like to see something similar in our level 5 through 9 classes. We wouldn't need to offer equipment, because most at that level have their own. We need to really push these programs by advertising them everywhere and in everything. Get our people out there in the off season and sell the ski resort and our products. Try to put together a complete package. Getting them here, putting them up and include the lift ticket and lessons for five days at a real deal price. If they get here on their own, then a lift/lesson package for five days. We can still offer the single day lesson and at a real reasonable price. But make these multi day packages so attractive that it would be hard to pass up. IMHO, we need to stimulate our ski schools and get folks back taking lessons. If we have to give the lessons away for a year or two, then be it.

We may have to reduce the size of our staffs so to reduce the overhead of our ski schools. I believe that one of the reasons prices are so high is that with these large staffs that the big ski resorts have, there insurance rates are high, they have to spend big dollars to cloth their staff in uniforms, they must have a large training staff and maybe more management than they need. If the staffs were smaller, the bills would be smaller and maybe the prices for our products could be less. When I first started teaching skiing here in Aspen, there were about sixty ski pros working at Snowmass. Weems would have the exact numbers, but there's somewhere between five and six hundred now. Not all are full time, but there is still a lot more than sixty that show up daily looking to work who are full time. Unfortunately, not all who show up work everyday.

Well, I'm just like the energizer bunny here going on and on and on. [img]tongue.gif[/img] But these are just a few of my thoughts that, IMHO, would make life better for us ski pros. Let hope that Weems is right, and things next season are a lot better for us all.

I am off to catch trout on little bitty flies. Since that's what I do, teach fly fishing in the summer, I hope that line of business is better this season too. A little slow last summer. So have a great off season and I'll be checking in from time to time until next ski season. Take care all.------------Wigs :

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They have a 12 step program for your problem now.
It's called On an on an on anon
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