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Need ski advice

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Hi there, first poster here and in need of this forums collective wisdom!

About myself:

Level 7 skiier - definitely looking to improve this season
5'9", 175 lb, athletic
Age: 24
Ski mostly east coast (I live in VA) with perhaps 1 trip out West this season and 1-2 up to Vermont

I'm finally getting around to replacing a pair of '03 Dynastar Troublemakers that have served me quite well, but they're old and freestyle isn't my thing anymore. Actually it never was really, but when I was 18 I thought it would be! In reality I am much more a fan of speed, carving, steeps, and I'm dying to master the moguls. I want a ski that's 70/30 piste/off-piste, appropriate for a level 7 but with a lot of growing room. Really trying to get on the slopes a lot this season.

Right now, I've got my heart set on the 2009 Dynastar Contact 10's because the reviews seem to fit my description of what I want and the price is right. Plus I'm a little brand loyal to Dynastar.

Do you think the 10s would fit my wants? I'm also interested to know how the two current runners up (they seem like good fits as well), the Volkl AC30's and Dynastar Contact 4x4's would fit in this equation? I hear Volkls are for heavier skiiers and fear the 4x4 might be too advanced for me.

Any guidance?

P.S. I'm also going to get a professional boot fitting in a week from SkiCenter in DC. I've got a medium-wide foot and muscular calves. Given the other info on my skiing ability / size / weight / goals, any boots you can recommend before I go into the store blind?

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You also should consider the Fischer Progressor 8+.  I'm also L7 and similar size to you and I love the 8+.

4x4 may well be too much ski for you.

Good luck on your search!

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Keeping in mind that you are a bit brand loyal I think that the Contact 10 would be a great call for what you are trying to do. Although my one concern about the Contact 10 would be that you may be selling yourself a bit short in width. The 4x4 on the other hand would be wide enough but it is a pretty burly ski and you may find that off trail you may get bounced around a bit. Do you plan on only skiing the East or will you be making some trips out west???

A new ski for this season that is also from Dynastar that may fit into what you are attempting to accomplish is the Sultan 85. The Sultan 85 is similar in width to what the Trouble Maker was but is built with a totally different terrain preference in mind. At 85mm underfoot the Sultan 85 has a great mixture of  dampening and overall feel. I think that you will find that it has more the enough HP to take you to any speed that you feel comfortable at on the groomers but where you will feel this ski out perform either the 4x4 or Contact 10 is in the bumps and off trail.

Check it out,
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 Yeah, I would think about the Fischer Progressor, but if you are willing to venture out into other brands, Volkl's Tigershark wouldn't be a bad idea either. 
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Picking the right ski can be hard, so many of them ski very well. First thing, how do you want to ski? What makes a ski great for speed,does not always works for the moguls. If you are looking to do 70/30, look at craving skis, not all mt.. Maybe look at Atomic D2VC, Fisher Heat 76, and Volkl Tigershark 11.
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