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 I picked up a pair of Volkl Chopsticks 175 over the summer on sale for super cheep (if it wasn't for the ridiculous price I probably wouldn't have gotten them).  I'm not really much for riding switch, here and there, but definitely like to hit up some steep deep lines and cruise through trees.  I'm wondering if anyone has some advice on where it would be good to mount my bindings on these suckers.  I'm definitely going to be mounting them either on boot center or further back, but I'm wondering on how much further back I should mount them.  I've read that they can feel like your going over the handlebars unless you lean way back, I'm hoping to minimize this and sacrifice their ability to ride switch.  As far as my characteristics go, I'm 5'9" 175 lbs. I'd consider myself level 7-8 skier.  All responses are appreciated.