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Pro Jam

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Who's going to the PSIA-E Pro Jam event at Killington this year? I've got contacts for logding if anyone is interested.
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 It's at Killington? I didn't even look when I signed up. I'll be there.
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I sent in my application, so I expect I'll be there unless 350 apps got in before mine!

I do NEED cheap lodging too.  PM me?
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I'll be there.

Rusty, I'd like the lodging contacts too.
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My application is in. I'm there if they'll have me so lodging contacts would be much appreciated.
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 Once I get in, I've found some cheap motels around and if two guys shared a room it would be very inexpensive.  Can't really pony up the $200+ right now.

So anyone who wants to share a room, let me know.
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